Phase 10: World Tour Launches Globally

As Mattel’s UNO! Mobile crests 85 million downloads, Mattel163 looks to bring a long-time favourite into the digital age with their second title, Phase 10: World Tour.

Mattel163, a world class publishing and development studio from Mattel and NetEase, recently announced Phase 10: World Tour is now available on iPhone, Android and Facebook worldwide. Like UNO! Mobile before it, Phase 10: World Tour features exciting new twists on a classic family card game and introduces it to digital platforms for even more fans to enjoy.

phase 10

World Tour features 30 unique levels set in the Amazon Jungle for players to puzzle through. Additionally it features multiplayer stages set in iconic locations like Hawaii, London, the Arctic, the Nile, and Japan. No Phase 10 experience would be complete without the classic 10 phase throwdown, which has been included with the launch.

phase 10

Check out the launch trailer:

Phase 10: World Tour releases worldwide as Mattel163’s first title UNO! Mobile prepares for an action-packed October Update. The Update brings with it a special Halloween event with exciting new prizes, the new Wild Trick rule, and more.

“The widespread success of UNO! on digital platforms has been staggering. Over 86 million players have spent nearly 77 million hours playing since launch in January,” said Amy Huang, CEO at Mattel163.

“Working with our partners at NetEase and Mattel to bring Phase 10 to this huge online audience has been an absolute pleasure. We can’t wait to see what they do with a new, yet familiar gameplay experience.”

Compete with other players in multiplayer mode. Explore new worlds in journey mode. Compete with friends throughout over 30 levels. There’s a classic mode for old-school fans. No matter how you play, keep thinking strategically to complete runs and sets, and discard all your cards to come out on top.

Check out the tutorial video, below:

Download Phase 10 via the App Store or Google Play, or check it out on Facebook now!

With 85 million players, there are a lot of people shouting UNO, digitally. 1,350,465,612 times, to be exact. It also leads to just over a billion +4 cards being challenged.

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