Pick n Pay School Club initiates 2016 educational content distribution

“It’s about that time of the year for schools across South Africa. Pick n Pay School Club will be initiating the 2016 educational content distribution from Monday, 18 January to over 3 000 schools nationally,” said Nadine Visser, Pick n Pay School Club Platform Manager at HDI Youth Marketeers, Africa’s leading youth specialist agency.

Pick n Pay School Club is the largest brand-funded education programme for primary and high schools has been providing schools with over 250 tons of brand-funded educational content since 2003. The programme, reaching 500 schools in its inception phase, now reaches 3,025 schools and over 2.2 million learners, parents and guardians.

Bearing in mind the current state of the matric results, the School Club programme is aimed at making classroom activities more visual, more impactful and more interactive, supporting the National Planning Commission’s 2025 goal of improving the Grade 12 pass rate to 90%.

“The Pick n Pay School Club content not only tackles core topics within the government curriculum such as hygiene, health and environmental responsibility, but also teaches learners problem-solving skills to help them deal with challenges later in life. Our learners are our future leaders, so it’s vitally important to support our education system,” adds Nadine.

The material, comprising workbooks, posters, overview brochures, recognition stickers and certificates, are delivered to schools registered on the platform. To register, schools can contact the team at pnpschoolclub@hdiyouth.co.za or call 011-706-6016 for more information.

“Schools are hungry for new and innovative approaches to help them deliver the prescribed educational curriculum. The programme was established to supply educational material which is both curriculum aligned and grade specific to schools at absolutely no cost,” concludes Nadine.

About Pick n Pay School Club
Pick n Pay School Club is South Africa’s largest brand funded education platform currently in its 13th year. Pick n Pay School Club provides much-needed educational support to 3,025 schools across the country and in so doing creates change in the lives of over 2.26 million learners and 105,875 educators.

  1. my son is in springhaven primary school wut many poor socio economic families unable to afford school fees n stationary plz assist if possible God bless yu mk

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