Pre-school preparation

The time has come for your little one to take their first big step into the world by themselves as they enter their first stage of pre-school education.  This can be daunting for both parents and child.

You will be doing a lot of research on the subject and will find that many online Parenting magazines will suggest some tips for you.

The most important thing is the mothers’ preparation by being positive and encouraging as their child is placed in a new environment.  However dealing with separation anxiety can be upsetting for all parties concerned. Not only are you leaving them in the hands of people who you don’t know or trust yet, but your little one also has to start fending for his or herself, they must choose and make friends of their own and, hardest of all, they will have to forge a relationships with another adult as their teacher whom they do not know and all this in a totally foreign environment.

Play out school scenes at home and help them boost their concentration by playing memory games with them.  This will assist with creating patience and concentration which they often lack when needed to sit still for a length of time.  A good foundation needs to be set to ensure that these upsetting times do no last too long!

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