Preparation during your 3 trimesters

Pregnancy allows you to prepare physically, mentally and financially for what lies ahead. Here are some steps to take during your three trimesters.

First Trimester

Although you cant yet see any change in your body, this is a vital stage, as this is when your baby is developing. The first trimester (First 3 months) is when the fetus is most vulnerable and many women tend to keep their pregnancy quiet until they are out of this danger stage.

Here are some of the things you need to do during your first trimester:

  1. Stop drinking and smoking and avoid any other substances which may be harmful to your baby.
  2. Go for your first ultra-sound scan.
  3. Arrange an antenatal visit.
  4. Start taking the necessary vitamins.
  5. Be in contact with your medical aid to inquire about the necessary maternity plans available.
  6. Chat to your partner about financial concerns you may have. It is never to soon to start saving.

Second Trimester

This is sure to be your best three months. It is during this time when your bump begins to show, your nausea will begin to subside and you will feel your baby move.

Here are some of the things you need to do in your second trimester:

  1. This is an acceptable time to notify your employer of your pregnancy.
  2. Seek advice on exercise and healthy eating plans.
  3. Join a prenatal class for support and meet other soon to be moms.
  4. Ensure your don’t push your body too hard with the household chores.
  5. Ensure that your house and working environments are safe for you and baby.

Third Trimester

This is your final three months of pregnancy. Although as you enter your 3rd and final trimester you may finds it hard to believe that you still have approximately 11 weeks of growing left to go. You may feel large and slightly uncomfortable but this is a sign of a healthy growing baby.

Here are some of the things you need to do in your final trimester:

  1. Pack your hospital bag and ensure you have all the necessary items.
  2. Try get the nursery complete and ready for when you arrive home with baby.
  3. Ensure you continue with your chores you can but rest frequently.
  4. Join childbirth education classes.
  5. Complete exercises and massages to ensure your pelvic area is ready for birth.

This is an exciting chapter in your life although at times you may feel overwhelmed, take a deep breathe and follow the steps above.

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