Prima Toys Prime Christmas Gifts! {Part 1)

Tums 2 Tots Online are huge Prima Toys fans! We always find their gifts for kids creative, educational, and fun for all ages. This list is the hardest by far to narrow down, but here are our Prima Toys Prime Christmas Gifts for 2018!

Prima Toys Prime Christmas Gifts – Scruff-A-Luvs

There is simply no getting away from the Scruff-A-Luvs being our hand-down favourite gift for kids of all ages. Besides being a toy that causes unbelievable suspense and excitement in everybody, the concept is wonderful.

Each Scruff-A-Luv arrives as a ball of matted fur with sad-looking eyes. With a good wash, brush, blow-dry and some love and attention, an adorable fluffy friend emerges. Abandoned pets are a worldwide problem. Encouraging families to adopt rather than buy can be a challenge. The process of the Scruff-A-Luvs teaches children, and reminds parents, that some love and care can transform any animal.

There are 3 different Scruff-A-Luvs to be rescued – a bunny, puppy or cat – in pink or blue. Which one will you find? These incredible gifts can be found at Toys-R-Us for only R299!

Prima Toys Prime Christmas Gifts – Little Live Bizzy Bubs

From the same brand that brought us Little Live Pets and Shopkins (both huge favourites in my home!) comes the Little Live Bizzy Bubs.

These adorable baby dolls crawl or tentatively walk, gurgle, drink from their bottle, and suck on their pacifier. Charly received little Primmy, who is just too cute for words!

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You can buy your Bizzy Bubs with just a bottle and pacifier for R399.99, or in a playset for R499.99.

Prima Toys Prime Christmas Gifts – Little Live Pets Surprise Dragon

Speaking of Little Live Pets… The Little Live chicks were perfect for Easter and there are pet birds available for your little one who is begging for a pet 😉 But this little dragon is definitely a favourite of ours!

If this dragon was just a gorgeously detailed toy that hatches from a bejewelled egg, it would be amazing. But it goes beyond that! He hatches, hops around and flaps his little wings, while making adorable little noises.

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There are a few different dragons to be found and you only know which one you have once they hatch! As with the other Little Live Pets Surprise eggs, you can pop your little dragon back into their egg at any time to hatch over and over again! A gift that keeps on giving, you can buy the Little Live Pets dragon from R349.99 each!

Prima Toys Prime Christmas Gifts – Baby Born

Little boys and girls across the world will love these realistic detailed baby dolls. These gorgeous babies are so real, that they can even eat special porridge (sample included). They can also drink water from a special cup, and do number 1 or 2 in the provided potty or nappy.

The perfect gift for a child who is about to become a big brother or sister. Baby Born comes in boy and girl dolls, so you can buy the baby your child will best relate to. Because the baby can be fed and needs nappy changes, it instils a sense of responsibility and an awareness that a baby needs consistent care.

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Named for one of her best friends at school, Charlotte and her baby Blake are never far apart. When she cannot be with him, either myself or her granny has to “babysit”. I am going to be purchasing a few accessories for her for Christmas. You can get everything from additional porridge packs, to nappies, to clothing, feeding chairs and even a car seat!

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The basic set includes your baby, an outfit of clothes, a dummy with clip, bottle, potty, feeding bowl and spoon, one porridge pack, matching “mommy-baby” bracelets and one nappy. The recommended retail price is from R899.99.

Prima Toys Prime Christmas Gifts – Mini Stretch Justice League Figures

There is something endlessly fascinating about these Stretch toys. Charly had the original Stretch Armstrong and a strestch octopus last year and this year’s Superman is an adored addition.


The excitement as each toy stretches up to 5 times its original size is heard in the manic giggles of little humans. After stretching, they slowly regain their shapes. The recommended selling price is from for R199.99.

We will be giving away one of these toys in the coming week! Which one do you think it will be?!

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We have a whole section for Christmas 2018 full of Christmas Gift Guides available to help you find the perfect gift for the little one in your world!


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