Prima Toys Prime Christmas Gifts! {Part 2)

Our Prima Toys Prime Christmas Gifts guide is a two-parter this year! There are simply too many awesome gifts for kids to squish into a single list. If you missed Part 1, be sure to click through and give it a read.

Prima Toys Prime Christmas Gifts – Virtual Reality Real Feel Racing Simulator

The Virtual Reality Real Feel Racing Simulator is a VR headset that connects via Bluetooth to a handheld steering wheel controller to give you a real world feel of driving a racing car.

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The VR headset is made of plastic, a comfortable foam face, adjustable straps and an adjustable phone cradle that can hold up to an iPhone 7 Plus. The headset doesn’t need batteries or power.

It is super easy to get racing! Start by downloading the free app from the App Store or Google play. You need to purchase and insert 3 AAA batteries (not included) into the steering wheel. Place your iPhone or Android phone in the headset and get ready to race!

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For R599.99 from Toys R Us, you can enthrall your little one with the experience of real feel racing!

Prima Toys Prime Christmas Gifts – Dress Up Costumes

Prima Toys has a huge variety of dress up costumes to appeal to kids of all ages and interests. Disney Princess, Superhero or Antihero, there really is something for everybody.

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Dress up is great for childhood development, inspiring imaginative play and encouraging confidence of expression. The Kid Zone has costumes for sale from only R399.99.

Prima Toys Prime Christmas Gifts – Shopkins Collectibles

Shopkins characters are adorable and all things collectible are the perfect gift for your little ones. There is a whole world of Shopkins to explore, from little blind bags to season sets to full playsets.

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The newest addition is the Shopkins Small Mart universe. So many characters to collect with shopping-theme playsets including a delivery shute, treadmill registers, check-out counter, shopping trolleys and more!

Prices begin from just R49.

Prima Toys Prime Christmas Gifts – Baby Secrets Merbabies

Collectibles are a serious addiction in our family. I can’t even pretend that my daughter didn’t inherit it from me… Because I get just as excited to complete the sets as she does. The Baby Secrets Merbabies are a particular obsession of mine. The Baby Secrets are a throwback to my childhood’s Diaper Babies.

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As with the Baby Secrets babies, the Merbabies’ secret is whether they are a boy or a girl. Each blind pack contains one merbaby with a magic pearl with teeny Merbaby accessories. There are 24 Merbabies to collect, including the special limited edition sparkle Merbaby.

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To find out if your Merbaby is a boy or a girl, you simply dip them in water and see what colour their tail turns! The Baby Secrets Merbabies have an edge on the Baby Secrets dolls because they can also swim! Turn the end of the tail until you hear a click, then lower your Merbaby into water to watch them swim!

These adorable little collectibles can be bought from only R99.99.

Prima Toys Prime Christmas Gifts – Pokibot

The newest little electronic friend on the market is the POKIBOT. Press the record button on your POKIBOT’s head to activate the recording function. You can record up to 3 three-second short voice messages and the robot will repeat them in 3 ways, changing its voice.

Clapping gets your POKIBOT repeating your recordings, moving forwards to the sounds of music and starting its work dance. POKIBOT knows up to 3 different dances, and each of them is accompanied by different music.

Pokibot action

You can get your adorable little POKIBOT in blue, green, yellow, purple, orange and red from The Kid Zone for only R199.

Prima Toys Prime Christmas Gifts – National Geographic Science Kits

Experiments appeal to all kids of all ages and stages. With the National Geographic science kits, your littles can get completely engrossed in play and learning.


The range includes a variety of digging kits such as the Shark Teeth Dig Kit, Dinosaur Dig Kit, Bug Dig Kit and the Gemstone Dig Kit. There is also a Volcano Science Kit and a Glow in the dark crystal kit, where kids can create their very own crystals. The science kits are interactive, keeping kids curious and encouraging them to explore. Kits start from R199.99.

We have a whole section for Christmas 2018 full of Christmas Gift Guides available to help you find the perfect gift for the little one in your world!


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