Proud pet parents can win with Hill’s

Does nutrition have the power to change lives?  Hundreds of South African pet parents know that it does. They are sharing their stories on a new website from Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

The website features real pets, real pictures and real stories from pet parents across the country. The home page is a beautiful mosaic of rescue dogs, pampered pooches and fluffy felines. Every pet story and photo added to the website helps complete the picture.

The mosaic is interactive and allows people to search for stories that may touch their heart. They can search for pets in their neighbourhood, with specific health conditions or adopted from a favourite shelter.

Pet parents Hill's website

“The reason we believe in our foods so passionately is because we’ve seen the difference it has made in our own pets,” said Carolyn Herrick, General Manager of Hill’s South Africa. “But don’t just take our word for it. Go to our new website and read some of the touching and inspiring stories of how great nutrition made a profound difference in the lives of pets and their pet parents. Then share your story and photo.”

One of the most touching stories on the website is about a very special rescue dog named Skyler. Skyler was extremely malnourished, covered in raw wounds and mange when she was discovered by TEARS Animal Rescue in Cape Town. Helen Bastin, Animal Behaviourist at TEARS, said they didn’t think Skyler would survive. However, two weeks of love, care and nutritious food helped transform Skyler’s health and life. Today, she is living the high life with her devoted new pet parents, Angelo and Amisha Zanetti.

Skyler - loved by pet parents

“She’s such a happy dog. You wouldn’t think she’d been at death’s door,” Angelo said. “She’s confident, adventurous and playful.” The video of Skyler’s incredible transformation will touch the heart of every animal lover.

Do you have a story you’d like to share?

Be a proud pet parent and brag a little on  Hill’s is giving away 50 x R1000 vouchers every month until December 2016, and one lucky pet parent will win a holiday worth R50,000. Terms and conditions are posted on the website.




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  1. I saw a lady who was about to dump a very tiny pup in thee bush.i took him from her and into my pittbull family..well tiger has grown into a gorjus looking mixed breed with a lovely nature and a dog who albeit looks sheep dog×g.shepard×collie with a nature so loving and a attitude of a pittbull..everybody wants him but i believe he was meant for me and my pitt family..tiger is too adorable and loved by all

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