Reviewing the Volvo booster seat

Finding the correct booster seat for your child can be overwhelming. There are so many brands and options on the market. I hope my personal review of the Volvo Booster seat might help.

Recently I shared all the things I learned about booster seats in “When is your child ready for a booster seat?”. If you have done your checks and your child is ready for this big step, then this Volvo Booster seat review is for you.

After educating myself on car seat safety and realising that most of our time was spent on the road these days, it only made logical sense to start shopping around for a great booster seat for Danny.

I was recently given the Volvo Booster seat to review for the #CarseatFullstop campaign. The Volvo Booster seat is designed for kids aged 4 – 10 years. It can safely accommodate a weight of approximately 15 – 36kgs.

Volvo booster seats

A booster seat positions the vehicle’s safety belt correctly on a child. It ensures the lap belt sits across the thighs and the shoulder strap stays firmly across the mid-shoulder and chest.

First impressions, well, thoughts actually. I imagined the Volvo Booster seat to be big, bulky and heavy. But I was wrong. I thought I was going to battle to install the seat into my car, I did not. What I do know is that when Danny saw his seat, he fell in love.


The new Volvo car seats take more than fifty years of experience, knowledge and testing and passes the benefits on to you and your family. The quality and texture of the new generation Volvo Cars booster seat is definitely worth the price tag. It is safe, comfortable and luxurious.

The New Generation Volvo Seats


Infant Seat – R4,012 (birth – 13kgs)
Exclusively rear-facing child seat – R5,871 (9-25kgs)
Booster seat (You can use a seatbelt or ISOFIX anchorages) – R4 012 (15 – 36kgs)

The premium Wool textile charcoal fabric not only looks stylish, but is also highly breathable, moisture absorbent and is soft to the touch, which ensures comfort through all seasons.

Volvo booster upholstery

Danny is beyond thrilled with his new seat and we are very impressed. I cannot wait to hit the long road for our first family road trip later this year. No more stops to stretch the body or adjust an uncomfortable misplaced seat belt. And no more moaning and tears, because he doesn’t want to sit in his old seat anymore.

Volvo’s dedication to safety and my child’s security has definitely left me a devoted consumer. I cannot rave more about their awesome product.

Here’s to many more memorable happy car trips with my boys… and hopefully for yours too!

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New Generation Volvo Booster Seat Review
  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Appearance
  • Value
  • Affordability
The Good

Volvo tested safety!

Easy to install

Extremely high quality

One of the only ISOFIX Booster seats available

The Bad

Relatively expensive, but worthwhile investment


Lindsay Leigh Thomas

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