The revolution of eating out for your kids

With parents now more than ever becoming more vigilant about what their kids are allowed to eat, it has become a nightmare to find the right place to have a wholesome, healthy yet tasty meal for the family.

Most Fast Food joints offer amazing play areas filled with entertainment, games and lots to do for the young and inquisitive minds, but at what cost?

Generally, meals eaten out are higher in saturated fat, salt and calories and sadly deficient in nutrient rich essentials such as fruit and vegetables. This is particularly so for children, who are frequently consuming twice the calories in a meal eaten in a restaurant than compared with a meal lovingly prepared at home.

PRIMI Piatti’s Research and Development Manager, Sue Daly, discusses how the authenticity of PRIMI’s food preparation methods helps ease our mind and aids how our body processes it.

“Everything we use is pure product. We know the source of each and every item. It is not a formed product; we have created it ourselves from scratch and can trace the specifics of each and every element. All chicken and eggs are free-range. We know that we are getting the best quality. Even our pasta is made fresh to order and our pizza is hand rolled and the dough lovingly nurtured for 24 hours to ensure easier digestion for our little PODS,” according to Daly.

Pediatric Dietician, Bridget Surtees believes PRIMI have made some exciting changes to their PODS menu to make meals away from home meet their children’s nutritional needs more closely.

“All beef is 100% beef so parents can be assured that no unknowns (especially potential allergens) have been added. All chicken is free range-these chickens have access to fresh plants and bugs and their meat is more nutritious than grain fed. Higher in omega3, all menu items incorporate at least 2 or more major food groups (vegetables, grains, dairy, fruit, meat) thus ensuring children are getting a broad range of nutrients,” confirmed Surtees.

Some items to look out for on the PODS menu are definitely the Grilled Beef Sausage with Butternut Mash, the PODS Pizza made with an easy to digest sourdough base or of course the Beef-A-Roni which comprises of delicious minced meat and veggies mixed with macaroni and a yummy cheese sauce.

If your kids are good and finish everything on their plate, then treat them with a PODS dessert, such as a Banana Split, Choco Blocks (PRIMI’s take on a chocolate brownie) or the healthier option of the Sago Pudding (low GI, gluten-free & a healthy source of calcium).

Hopefully other family restaurants will soon follow the wonderful example set by PRIMI Piatti providing tasty yet healthy options for our little ones.

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