Road safety for kids

The world has become quite a scary place. Things have changed so much – especially during the last couple of years. This includes the way that people drive on the road. The statistics for road accidents in South Africa are shocking! Road safety needs to be more of a priority for us.

With only 15% of South African children strapped in safely when being transported in passenger vehicles on the road, the chances are that there IS somebody in your network that is contributing to the terrifying 85% of children who are not. Road safety for kids should be a priority.

road safety


Head injuries are the most common injuries sustained by children in motor vehicle crashes regardless of age, restraint, and crash direction.

For the last month, I’ve shared several posts on social media about #CarseatFullstop. I’m sure many of you may have gotten annoyed with it and thought that I was “spamming” you, but the truth is I was sharing it for a reason.

I wanted you to read about what is happening in our country! I wanted you to be aware of how one simple mistake could risk your child’s life.

Many South African’s don’t take the use of car seats seriously! It is a topic that is not discussed enough in the country, along with all road safety for kids.

To be honest, I was one of those moms. I never took car seats seriously until my daughter was a year old! I thought it was too expensive to purchase and uncomfortable, because every time I buckled up my daughter, she cried blue murder. But I never thought about the reality of driving without a car seat, until I came across an article that made the hairs on my body stand up. The story was about a baby (my daughter’s age) who flew out of a vehicle during an accident and died immediately on impact.

It made me stop and think about my selfish actions. It could have been my daughter!

That one article changed my entire mindset about car seats! It’s so important, especially as a first-time parent, to research products before you purchase. You need to ask questions! Lots of them!

To find out the top 6 things You, Baby & I thinks you need to know about car seats, click here!

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