Safety First: Kitchen

Want to keep your baby safe and sound no matter what? This is the most comprehensive safety guide around.

While the kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s also the heart of where terrible accidents can happen. Make no mistake about it: hot stoves, hot food, electrical appliances, detergents and sharp knives all pose a serious threat to your child. So what can you do about these things?

  • Place knives out of reach and install child safety latches on all cupboards (even high ones; children love ladders) with dangerous objects. Never keep any other dangerous utensils such as scissors or graters in bottom drawers either.
  • Never, ever put detergents, pesticides or any cleaning agents under the sink. Place them high up in a cupboard and again, install child safety latches on all cupboards with dangerous poisons. Even once your child is two, leave these latches on as they define limits. Preferably lock these poisons away.
  • Always place pots on the back plates of the stove, with the handles facing inwards, so that your child can’t grab the pot and pull its contents onto himself.
  • High chaisr and stools should be far away from the stove. Babies should never be left unsupervised in high chairs either or placed in car seats or Bumbos on raised kitchen counters, even if you’re watching them.
  • Never leave glassware, knives, or hot food and beverages unattended on counters or tables, not even for a few moments. Don’t use placemats or tablecloths during mealtimes, because a child can pull them- and their contents- down onto himself.
  • Move the toaster, kettle, and all other electrical appliances out of your child’s reach. Tuck the cords away.
  • Put a lid on your dustbin and keep recyclable objects like sharp cans and glass bottles out of reach.
  • Pack plastic bags away. These pose a suffocation risk.
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