Save up while you snuggle up against the cold

It’s a sad time for most South Africans as the leaves start falling from our trees; the grass starts to go brown and warm pyjamas move to the top of the pile. You guessed it; winter is on the way!

With the cold creeping into our home, many, resort to making more coffee, soup and turning on heaters and electric blankets. We also start to spend more time indoors, and, instead of having a braai in the summer sun, we turn on the TV for a movie run.

Unfortunately, these activities don’t do wonders for our electricity bills. As our consumption increases, so does the cost. But there’s no need to break out into cold sweats, just yet. There are ways in which you can save electricity if you just do a few things a little differently.

Here are six easy ways to save electricity this winter:

1. Air-conditioners can heat

Did you know that arguably the best way to heat your home this winter is with an air conditioner? Yes, you read, right. Air conditioners do more than just cool your home. In fact, they regulate the temperature in your home and can be the most energy-efficient way of heating. The LG ARTCOOL air conditioner, in particular, uses 70% less energy with its revolutionary inverter technology. It’s also the healthy option with an Ioniser that has been proven to sterilise over 99% of bacteria within 60 minutes.

2. Don’t leave the lights on

It might be a hard habit to form but try to remember to turn the lights off when you leave a room. This will minimise the lights you have on – saving energy and, of course, reducing your electricity bill. Another plus? In doing so, you also extend the life of your light bulbs!

3. Only boil the water you need

There are few things better on a winter’s morning than a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Instead of boiling a whole kettle every time, try only to boil the amount you need.

4. Curtains can keep the heat in

Just like more layers of clothing keeps you feeling warm, winter curtains can keep a lot of warmth inside your home, particularly in your bedrooms. So, invest in a set that will keep your house warm during the colder months and cool during the warmer months. While you’re at it, invest in a duvet set that does the same!

5. Keep a constant temperature


There is no need to heat your home to a temperature hotter than the sun. Try to use a thermometer or device that keeps a constant temperature. LG’s ARTCOOL air conditioner, for example, gives you access to your air conditioner at any time and from anywhere with a WiFi-equipped device, with their exclusive home appliances control app that ensures you don’t waste electricity unnecessarily. This nifty feature also comes in handy for ensuring the perfect temperature when snuggled up in your bedroom or, keeping your baby happy in their nursery.

6. Keep your geyser warm

Just as quickly as your geyser heats up, it can also get cold, taking more electricity to keep that hot water ready for when you need it. Try to get an insulation blanket for your geyser. Tests have shown that geyser blankets save up to 20% of the electricity required to reheat the water in a geyser.

So, there you have it – six simple ways to decrease your energy consumption this winter. To find out more about the energy-saving LG ARTCOOL air conditioner, simply visit your closest retailer, or visit the LG website.

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