September 2016 Winners

We have had some exceptional competitions running this month! Our sponsors have been amazing! Thank you Volvo Cars South Africa, Van Loveren Wines, Pregnancy Sense, Mattel, Bio-Oil and our very own LinguaMites Multilingual Education for sponsoring amazing prizes for our September 2016 winners!

September 2016 winners – The Volvo Child Safety Seat

For those of you that haven’t won a Volvo Child Safety Seat during the course of this campaign. I can personally recommend the Volvo Britax Extended Rearwards-Facing seat.

These are people that I genuinely trust with my child’s life and I believe that you can too. The Volvo Child Safety Seats are exceptional and a the result of over 50 years of research on and passion for the safety of children in cars.

You can make enquiries and place your orders directly with the Volvo Children in Cars team on They will answer all your questions and make sure your seat gets to your closest Volvo Dealership or directly to you if you don’t have a branch near you.

You can find out more about the Volvo Child Safety Seat range here. volvo-booster-toddler-and-infant

To find out if you were the winner of the Volvo Britax Child Safety Seat, you can go here!

September 2016 Winners – Van Loveren Wines

We love great wine, good value for money and delicious hearty winter meals! In between the gorgeous summer days, it is still grey, rainy, cold and wintery. So we teamed up with Van Loveren wines to give you 1 of 6 cases of gorgeous reds to enjoy with the last of your favourite wintery dinners! (Recipes here!)

Van Loveren wine is renowned for its wide appeal, whether you’re after an easy-drinker or a more complex heavyweight-in-a-bottle. Associated with comforting warmth, red wine is the best partner to rich and flavoursome winter dishes. While you indulge in the last of your favourite things to do as Spring decides whether or not it is here to stay, do it with a glass of the perfect red!


Ciska Kruger


Celeste Booysen


Sarah van der Bank


Kim Muller


Nasika Baijnath


Lisa Singer

Congrats everybody! Watch your emails over the next few days for contact from the Van Loveren team!

September 2016 Winners – LinguaMites MultiLingual Education

A short while ago we welcomed LinguaMites Multiplingual Education into the Tums 2 Tots family on our business directory. We also launched Little Learners with LinguaMites with a great column on the imporance of family learning. We are giving one Johannesburg reader a chance to win 2 weeks of ZuluMites Activity Classes!

LinguaMites aims to raise a generation of South African children that are able to speak more than one language. They do this through various initiatives, including the first trilingual preschool in South Africa and their ZuluMites programme.

ZuluMites is the first activities-based language programme combining the necessity to learn an African language, with opportunities to learn developmentally appropriate skills. Children engage in cooking, music and sport activities that target practical vocabulary, in a fun and interactive learning environment where no English is spoken.

Programmes target children between the ages of 4 and 8 years old. They take place at various times at one of 3 venues around Johannesburg (Fairways, Randburg and Parktown).

ZuluMites Banner

Congratulations Charissa Lane! We hope Ethan will LOVE his ZuluMites activities!!

Meryl will be in touch soonest.

September 2016 Winners – Pregnancy Sense

I must say that I am really enjoying spoiling our pregnant mommies at the moment! Maybe a little broodiness on my part, but I just want to give all the mommies all the things! I am so excited  to announce our winner for the Pregnancy Sense book, along with a gorgeous Baby Sense Baby Wrap 🙂 You can pop over here and read my personal review on the book.

If you aren’t our lucky winner, you can buy your very own Pregnncy Sense right here for only R185!

Our pregnant mama winner is expecting twins at the beginning of 2017! Look how amazing this scan is!

september 2016 winners

Congratulations Lauren Chowles!!

We wish you all the luck in the world with the rest of your pregnancy and the delivery of two beautiful healthy babies!

A representative will be in touch soon to organise delivery, so keep an eye on your emails!

September 2016 Winners – Bio-Oil

A bottle of Bio-Oil is sold, somewhere on the planet, every few seconds. Kim Lombard, managing director of Evolabs, Bio-Oil’s Southern Africa distributor, says “trust” is the secret to Bio-Oil’s success. “Bio-Oil is formulated to improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks. These are emotional issues, closely linked to one’s self confidence. Users of the product need to be able to trust Bio-Oil, much like they’d trust a doctor”, says Lombard. The key to gaining trust is consistency, Bio-Oil strives to remain consistent. They steer away from new brand innovations or fancy pack upgrades.

“The simple truth is, Bio-Oil is a product that works – brilliantly. Most people who try it, love it. Bio-Oil targets a problem, not a person. It does so well, because it’s unconcerned about all the other stuff.”

Bio-Oil Hamper

The Bio-Oil Heritage Day Hamper winner is Whitney Knipe! Congratulations to you! Somebody will be in touch soonest 🙂

September 2016 Winners with Mattel

The recognised leader in play, learning and development worldwide, Mattel, is hosting a Barbie® Star Light Adventure experience this Saturday, on 8th October 2016!


5 of our readers have won a set of double tickets to attend a special screening of the new Barbie® Star Light Adventure movie at the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre! Our winners will be treated to a very special day at the Barbie® Star Light Adventure experience! You will meet Barbie®, take pics with her and get autographs! There will also be other activities, such as face painting, galactic jewellery creation and cupcake making. There will be a light lunch served, plus Popcorn and slushies for the movie of course! And you will walk away with a goodie bag filled with spoils to the value of R350!


Barbie Star light Adventures

The Barbie® Star Light Adventure DVD is releasing in South Africa on 16th of October! So if you aren’t one of our lucky winners, you will get to recreate the magic at home.

These 5 Barbie fan parents/grandparents are officially the “BEST EVER” …

Ailsa Porter

Naseera Bhandia

Karen van Heerden

Charlene Bhana

Nirendree Reddy

I am so jealous that I can’t be there myself! Have the most wonderful time!

And that’s it!! Congratulations to all our September 2016 winners!!

Enter our Lamelle Helase 50 giveaway! It will soon be joined by a whole lots more!! Think… Christmas is coming!!

Pregnancy Sense FBSave


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  1. Thank you so, so much for the Barbie tickets! I have one very excited little girl here. 🙂
    How do we go claim the tickets?

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