Show us you care and try not forget it’s Fathers Day

It’s not about the soap, or the socks it seems – it’s about making an effort to do something a little different to show Dad you care this Father’s Day.

This is according to the results of Pick n Pay’s annual Fathers Day survey released this week. Out of over 1 790 Pick n Pay shoppers, the opinion of the overwhelming majority (79%) said that Father’s Day for them was “A great way to celebrate fatherhood”.

Only 20% of respondents felt Father’s Day was “a way to get more money out of consumers” while the remaining 2% said the day was “a bit of an inconvenience.

When asked what the worst Father’s day gift dads had ever received, soap and socks featured strongly, but the most cited disappointing memory was: “forgetting to wish me a special day” or “doing nothing”.

So what to get Dad?

Pic k n Pay also asked Dads to reveal the best gift they had even received for Father’s Day. The most popular answers included:

  • Biltong
  • A bottle of whiskey
  • A hamper full of Dad’s favourite things
  • A day out with the family

Other respondents provided a few more extravagant and off-the-wall ideas, including: 1,000 pieces of braai wood, a weekend away, spa vouchers, an ipad or iPod, power tools and a Weber braai – but the overwhelming sense was that your time is the best gift you can give Dad this weekend.

Pick n Pay has a huge range of Father’s Day gift ideas online and many exciting promotions available in-store. Whatever your budget and whatever it is Dad would like the most, you can be sure that Pick n Pay will help you find it this year. For more information on specials and gift ideas for Dad, go to:

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