Similarities between a pregnant mom and a toddler

If you have ever wondered what it is like to be a toddler, then I think the closed encounter to this as an adult, would be when you were pregnant.  There are many similarities as you go through your daily routine in that 9 month period.  Give these points some thought.

  • As your belly grows, you battle to tie your shoes.  Eventually you can’t even get to put them on by yourself and may need some assistance.
  • As a result of the implications of alcohol during pregnancy, you are no longer ‘allowed’ any alcohol.
  • You can’t sleep due to the discomfort of your huge belly yet some days you can’t make it through the day without an afternoon nap.
  • As soon as you leave the house, you need the loo. In fact this happens on a regular basis and there are times when you wonder if you will get there in time.
  • You turn into a fussy eater – things that use to be your favourite are now on your list of dislikes.
  • You develop cravings and insist that your partner get it for you NOW almost similar to a toddler tantrum.
  • As your belly grows you find yourself tripping over ‘nothing’ or battling to do the things you use to do.
  • You become forgetful, not remembering where you put things.   This may result in people becoming irritated with you.
  • You arrive home after a day out with food and drink stains all over your shirt thanks to your ‘huge tummy catcher’.
  • You want to do things for yourself but realize that this is no longer always possible.

During pregnancy we experience the same excitement about life as a toddler and endure the same frustrations and emotions.  So the next time you become impatient with your toddler, think back to those 9 months when you were carrying them.

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