Something for busy Dads this Father’s Day

Moms, wives and children alike will agree that most hard-working dads don’t get all of the credit they deserve. Between juggling a demanding work schedule and coming home and expected to fulfil their ‘manly’ duties such as taking out the trash and fixing that thing that broke, this is no small task for dad.

Why not make this year’s Father’s day truly special by reminding him that he deserves a break. The nice folk at ASUS have even done the grunt work for you – because you can only buy one man so many polka-dot ties.

  • 21st Century Dad – Make Dad’s day by getting him the stuff all cool Dads dream about. Upgrade his old dinosaur laptop and/or tablet with the razor-thin 2-in-1 detachable ASUS T300 Chi, which offers the convenience of a laptop that transforms into a handy tablet whenever he needs it. Long term, he will be more efficient anywhere and at any time so no late dinners and more Dad to spare!
  • R & R – Make sure Dad really kicks back and relaxes by pre-loading his favourite tunes, albums and movies onto his new cool gadget. With the right music at hand, take Dad on a family day trip and explore the country side together. Drop in on a local farm or stop over at scenic spots on the road to snack on a few sandwiches. Using the impeccable camera on his spanking new device, which placed perfect in the screen which is light, the entire family can have loads of fun creating new memories on the trip. You’ll be surprised what a few hours away from the demands of life can do for his energy levels.
  • Throwback Sunday – Nostalgia always goes a long way in terms of gift-giving. So transport Dad back to the good ol’ days by loading his favourite pics of vintage cars, old friends and of course, the day he met Mom. The Full HD screen will show all those remarkable moments in crystal clarity.
  • App Happy – For a man constantly on the run, a relevant app can do wonders for the few minutes he has in between meetings or shuttling kids around, for instance:
    • If Dad loves DIY projects, then he will love Instructables. A DIY app that allows Dad to either share his creations or be inspired and entertained by those made by others. It covers everything from food, workshop and home DIYs. With this app, you may find him tucked away in a corner of the room, smiling at the screen as he immerses himself into the world of DIY.
    • Save Dad a trip to the book store by uploading books from his favourite authors, newspapers and magazines using apps such as Kindle where he can have access to over a million titles.
    • If Dad is a big gym enthusiastic, then he’ll definitely appreciate you downloading awesome apps such as Fitnet and Sworkit, that will help him keep track of his fitness levels and assist in achieving his fitness goals.

Dad is the man we all rely on, for his strength, advice and so much more. He is the one person that both Mom and kids turn to when the chips are down. For one day, let’s treat Dad to a special day that actually takes account of the man that he is rather than just the man he is to us!

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