Sometimes the teacher just has to deal with it

You arrive to fetch your child and the teacher says your child is not talking or she is biting or she won’t use the toilet. These are things your child generally does at home. They are not unhappy at school… In fact, they love going to school. Sometimes there are issues that the teacher needs to just deal with. But how do you handle it?

You need to first rule out that your child is unhappy at school. Talk to the teacher to find out if they are perhaps being bullied, forced to do something they aren’t able to do. If that has been ruled out, then try to ask your child if there’s a reason they are refusing to do certain things.

If they are able to communicate, there may be a reason they are acting out. They may not want to tell the teacher for various reasons. If there isn’t a reason, or one they are willing to share with you, and they aren’t acting out at home… Then the teacher needs to deal with it.

Sometimes the teacher just has to deal with it SM

As a parent you do not need to solve every issue. When your child is in the classroom, they are the teacher’s responsibility. And the teacher needs to establish the boundaries they want. It can be frustrating as the parent, especially when your child does at home what they are refusing to do at school, but you need to let it go. Putting more pressure on your child may actually make it worse. Let the teacher deal with it. Ask if you can help, if not, then let them work it out. The teacher knows what they need to do and will be able to deal with it.

We recently dealt with Emma not talking at school. For 2 weeks she uttered not one word at school. The teacher did everything but Emma remained “mute”. We stepped back, stopped asking her about it and within a few days she started talking to her friend… And now will, at certain times, communicate with the teacher.

These things happen from time to time… As long as you’re sure that your child is not being bullied or abused in any way, there are times that you just need to let the school deal with it.

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Laura-kim le Roux

Laura is a work from home mom to four kids and wife to the world’s most patient man! Her oldest is 13 years old and her youngest is 2. So while she doesn’t really know all there is to know about parenting, she has spent a lot of time in the trenches and has a lot of hands on experience. By morning she manages a team of Weigh-Less group leaders. By afternoon her super power is logistics and she gets the teen to swimming, the tween to dancing and keeps the toddlers entertained. By night she writes for her blog Harassed Mom and various clients.

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