Special presents to spoil expectant parents-to-be

The world delighted in the recent photographs of the Carter ‘push party’… An extravagant affair with a West African theme, bright prints, flowers, and a beaming Beyoncé with a beautiful henna tattoo on her pregnant belly. The quirky take on a traditional shower just goes to show that a baby celebration needs to be a personal affair… Reflective of the wishes of the expectant parents

It’s unclear what gifts guests like Serena Williams and Michelle Williams gave ‘Queen Bey’ to welcome her soon-to-be-arriving twins… But Takealot has put together a guide to fun and functional spoils for expectant parents.

Here are some top tips on baby shower gifts, all of which are available online.

Fabulously functional

Nappies to make dad happy

Nappies may seem boring, but they’re amazing gifts to receive – buying them in bulk every month gets expensive! Find out in advance if mom is doing disposable or cloth diapers, and if there’s a particular brand she prefers. Just like ‘push parties’ nappy parties are becoming increasingly popular –particularly for expectant fathers. Often the dad-to-be organises a baby braai for the boys and all guests are asked to bring nappies (and beer). Wet-wipes are also a useful accompaniment to nappies.

A nappy bag with lots of swag

A good nappy bag is a parent’s best friend. If you’re selecting one for a gift, look for something robust with lots of pockets – and an attractive design so it’s stylish to carry around.

Everything parents need to succeed

Gift sets are lovely ways to bestow expectant parents with much-needed necessities. A baby basics gift box has socks, a hat, blanket and soap; with some others packed with cosy cotton muslin comforters.

If you want to gift parents more costly items such as a pram, breast pump, car seat or baby monitor, it’s always a good idea to ask parents what they need and which brands they prefer.

 Cute and comfortable:

The wonder of onesies

Usually it’s the tiny clothes that solicit the biggest croons from the baby shower crowd. However, if you are gifting parents with something for baby to wear, opt for a bigger size for when the little one is older. That way, parents can build up baby’s wardrobe beyond the brief new-born stage.

A jewel for a jewel

A more traditional gift, an engraved sterling silver baby bangle with baby’s name is a very precious present. Parents can also add the birth date once the child is born.

Toys for little girls and boys

Toys are always a hit, but again, it’s wise to buy for when baby is a bit older, especially if you’re going for something educational. Stacking cups, mobiles, rattles, drums, giggling caterpillars and duckies for the bath are all popular options.

Other nursery nice-to-haves are swaddle and cellular blankets, décor for the walls, soft cotton sheets and a sleep positioner.

What were some of your baby shower must have items?
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