Stay flu free this winter

With winter approaching here are some interesting facts with tips on how to prevent the sniffles.

Dirty air from toilet flushing causing SA school kids to catch the flu.

There are a number of ways in which the flu can infect people but few realize that toilet flushing (toilet water aerosolisation) is one way to expel the germs in the air. Added to this, Director of the CDC Influenza Division in the US stated that school absenteeism due to influenza is largely due to children disseminating the virus even through toilet flushing.

It was discovered that an 8yr old super-emitter spewed out 200 infectious flu viruses making schools the perfect petri dishes for flu transmission. The combination of low humidity, super-emitter children and toilet flush aerosolisation has become a toxic combination that many parents are still unaware of. Visit for more information on how to stop these germs and bacteria from ruining your child’s winter!

Attack that sniffle, by prevention rather than cure this winter!

Just because winter is approaching, it doesn’t mean you should brace yourself to be attacked by the flu virus. Vaccines and vitamins should not be viewed as the only measures to protect you this winter. Non-pharmaceutical methods of protecting you and your loved ones should include:

  • Cleaning surfaces and objects routinely.
  • Preventing moist, humid home environments by keeping the home aerated, such as keeping the bathroom window open.
  • Improving hygiene habits within the home, such as washing your hands after using the toilet.
  • Although it helps to put the toilet seat down, it is well documented that particles still escape, which is why health-conscious families are encouraged to remove germs from the source rather than just attempting to minimize exposure.

Visit for more information on how you can better keep your home more hygienic for you and your loved ones this winter.

Congested environments can increase your chances of getting the flu virus!

Crowded and closed environments, which are most common during the winter season, have been proven to be one way for the flu virus to spread. Studies have shown that one person coughing out 300 infectious droplets or virions can actually infect 300 people. In closed environments this means the virus has a shorter distance to travel in order to reach the next person. Be safe this winter and make sure you take a small bottle of hand sanitizer to work. Visit for more information on how you can protect yourself and your family while indoors this winter.

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