Steamy Foods for Baby

Moms know that once babies start on solid foods they’re ready to get moving and they need energy to fuel their growth.

It’s important to remember that food we put on the menu needs to be colourful, tasty and above all nutritious. For this reason, experts suggest that mothers should consider steaming instead of boiling first foods for baby.

Steaming versus Boiling

Registered Dietician, Slava de Gouveia agrees and says, “According to a USDA comparison, the nutrients most affected by cooking are folic acid and vitamin C. Steaming helps to retain a larger percentage of the nutrients in the food with raw ingredients obviously containing the most nutrients.”

According to de Gouveia, when foods are steamed they tend to lose about 15% of nutrients compared to 25% when they are boiled. “Boiling is a very aggressive cooking method and should be reserved for the likes of dried pastas, beans as well as tougher textured vegetables. Steaming, on the other hand, is a uniform cooking method, that allows foods to retain the most flavour and vibrant colours which appeal to baby.”

Steam, Flip, Blend and Serve

The good news is that moms can easily prepare nourishing home-made food for their little ones with the Philips AVENT Steamer and Blender. Fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and even pulses are first gently steamed and then mothers need simply to lift and flip the jar over to blend the ingredients.

With its compact BPA-free design, making cleaning and storage simpler for mom, the Philips AVENT Steamer and Blender helps prepare baby foods for every stage of weaning. It preserves nutrients and texture, retains cooking liquids and comes with 12 age appropriate recipes. In addition, it is suitable for sauces and finger foods and offers puréeing options from fine to more textured foods. Available at all leading mother and baby care stores, the Philips AVENT Steamer and Blender retails at R2700.00.

How to Steam

When choosing to steam it is important for moms to check cooking times because it is easy to over-cook food. With the Philips AVENT Steamer and Blender use the following guidelines:

  • Apple, pear: 5 minutes
  • Orange, peach, plum: 10 minutes
  • Capsicum, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini, pumpkin, spinach: 15 minutes
  • Fish; Salmon, trout, sole, cod: 15 minutes
  • French beans, potato: 20 minutes
  • Meat; chicken, beef, lamb, pork: 20 minutes

To Steam or Not to Steam?

While this may at first have been the question, it’s clear that steaming is the very best way to serve wholesome and nutritious foods to baby throughout the different weaning stages. Now nourishing meals for little ones have been made easy thanks to the Philips AVENT Steamer and Blender.

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