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Welcome back to Style Your Bump with Lindsay! My tips for Styling your bump are still very much in evidence, I have just focused a little more on finding the most affordable maternity fashion in South Africa at the moment. I decided to focus on a single store this time, because what pregnant mommy wants to be rushing from store to store trying on clothing?! Let’s have a look at what local retailer Mr Price has to offer.

I’m a bargain hunter. If there is a place I can pay less for something, you can guarantee I will find it. When it comes to having a new baby and all the added expenses that brings, we have to look at getting the most value out of an item. With each pregnancy, there isn’t much room for a new wardrobe – some of the items I wore whilst pregnant with my first 8 years ago, I wore with my second 3 years ago. There are always certain investments pieces your should own (this includes maternity wear) and then to keep with the times, we look to our budget-friendly stores for inspiration and affordable maternity fashion.

It isn’t news that I’ve been shopping up a storm at Mr Price since forever. Their items are reasonably priced and tend to stick to what’s hot and not in the fashion world. In keeping with the budget-friendly theme, I thought I’d task myself with finding affordable maternity fashion that can be used both pre- and post-pregnancy.

The Criteria : Affordable, Functional and Stylish – You want to be able to feel and look good during this time.

Outfit under R150

Casual, work or night out (depending on choice of shoe – sneaker, sandal, heel, boot

Affordable Maternity Fashion 1

Peasant Dress, R139.99 OR Easy waisted maxi dress, R139.99


Outfit under R250

Inspiration 1 – Casual weekends

Affordable Maternity Fashion 2Seamless ankle leggings, R69.99 with Ruched side detail top, R99.99

Inspiration 2 – Office appropriate

Affordable Maternity Fashion 3V Neck Dress, R139.99 paired with Seamless ankle leggings, R69.99

Inspiration 3 – Office appropriateAffordable Maternity Fashion 4Ladies Longer length shirt, R149.99 paired with Seamless ankle leggings, R69.99


Outfit under R350

Inspiration 1 – Office appropriate

Affordable Maternity Fashion 5Geo print pants, R139.99 & Seamless cami, R69.99 worn with a Waterfall cardigan, R119.99

Inspiration 2 – Night outAffordable Maternity Fashion 6

Seamless ankle leggings, R69.99 paired with Seamless cami, R69.99 & a Cocoon cardigan, R119.99

Inspiration 3 – Casual weekendsAffordable Maternity Fashion 7

Denim jeggings, R199.99 worn with Ruched side top, R119.99

Mixing and matching can save huge amounts of money and make affordable maternity fashion a reality for those of us without a bigger budget.

Happy Shopping!

Do you know of any great places to buy affordable maternity fashion in South Africa?

Be sure to share your favourite finds with us! Pop us an email on with the subject line “Style Your Bump with Lindsay”!

*Lindsay is the owner of Kids Fashion brand Love Made Me and the Tums 2 Tots kids fashion columnist for The Kids Style File

**This article was in no way sponsored by Mr Price. The store and items chosen were selected purely by Lindsay.

Lindsay Leigh Thomas

Lindsay is the owner of kids fashion label Love Made Me, which focuses on customisation and bespoke orders. She is a 29 year old mommy blogger, married to her high school sweetheart Carl and Mommy to 2 boisterous adorable boys, Daniyal and Joshuah. You can find her blogging at Love Made Me. Lindsay works full time as a Property Officer for a large Healthcare, but has had a long term love affair with kiddies fashion and accessories, so in August she took the leap and launched Love Made Me. It has been a huge success and is growing rapidly.

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