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My fashion style and sense completely escaped me during my first pregnancy, but in my second I really enjoyed learning to style my bump and I want to help you to style YOUR bump. I loved wearing form fitting clothes to really show off my belly, but also enjoyed my oversized shirts and flowy maxi dresses.

Here are some of my tips to style your bump

Tip 1: Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean that you’ll have the same shape as the next woman. Take time to get to know your new body and dress accordingly.

    • Embrace Lycra Stretchy lycra dresses will show off your growing body shape in a good way; they hug in all the right places.
    • Keep it simple Look for dark, solid colour tops and dresses and feminine prints. When wearing a solid dark colour, add pops of colour in your accessories or a funky wrap or jacket. Or pair a black dress with leopard print pumps.
      Style your bump 1

      Style your bump 2

  • Build around denim One of my ultimate maternity staples was a classic denim button shirt. This is by far one of the most versatile additions to any wardrobe. I lived in this and later invested in 2 more shirts, which 27 months post baby I’m still wearing. My favourite was pairing it with tight-fitting skinny jeans or jeggings or layering it over a black dress.Style your bump 4

    Style your bump 3

  • Wrap your bump A wrap dress perfectly shows off your growing bump. The cut is comfortable, and there are no annoying buttons and zips. An added bonus, plunging necklines are really sexy on pregnant women. Pregnancy offers the best chance you’ll ever have to forego the padded bras and flaunt cleavage, so take advantage of this occasion and wear v-neck T-shirts or sweatersStyle your bump 5

Tip 2: Your body is changing, but that doesn’t mean you need to transform your entire wardrobe – work with what you already have and build from there.

  • Slim down your silhouette Emphasize the features that aren’t expanding, with snug sleeved tops, skinnier pants, and button-down shirts or blazers left unbuttoned. Try fabrics that stretch to fit your form, they’re sexy and feminine.
  • Embrace the maxi dress No matter what your body shape, maxi dresses are a great option for a stylish pregnancy wardrobe and can be dressed both up and down.Style your bump 6
  • Accessorise Brightly coloured scarves, jewels, bags and shoes look great on any woman, use them during your pregnancy to add a bit of a pop to your look. Add a long necklace and some delicate earrings to your look, or mix is up with chunky bangles and statement earrings.
  • Trade in your Stiletto’s for Wedges They’re so much more comfortable! And if you’ve ditched the heels all together, then spice up your cupboard with pumps, red and leopard print are always going to be money well spent in my book. Alternatively, replace the heels with sneakers.Style your bump 7

    Style your bump 8

Pregnancy can be extremely difficult on your body, and your self esteem as your body changes in ways you can’t really prepare for. Finding ways to style your bump can really help you to embrace your new body.

Do you have a favourite trick to style your bump? I would love if you would share it!

Next week I will be sharing a few suggestions on how you can get these, and other, flattering bump looks affordably from our own local stores!

*Lindsay is the owner of Kids Fashion brand Love Made Me and the Tums 2 Tots kids fashion columnist for The Kids Style File

Lindsay Leigh Thomas

Lindsay is the owner of kids fashion label Love Made Me, which focuses on customisation and bespoke orders. She is a 29 year old mommy blogger, married to her high school sweetheart Carl and Mommy to 2 boisterous adorable boys, Daniyal and Joshuah. You can find her blogging at Love Made Me. Lindsay works full time as a Property Officer for a large Healthcare, but has had a long term love affair with kiddies fashion and accessories, so in August she took the leap and launched Love Made Me. It has been a huge success and is growing rapidly.

  1. I’m always really impressed with women who wear heels during their pregnancies… I wanted nothing but flat and comfy. I must admit though, it was nice being able to wear clingy clothing and call it pregnant rather than fat. My pregnancy style was very different to my normal style which is usually hanging and loose fitted clothing. Through my pregnancy I was all about tight and clingy.

    1. Totally agree on the shift in style when pregnant, was absolutely the same here! Not often you want every curve to show, but a baby bump is one impressive and proud curve 😀

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