Survival Guide to Eczema

The term eczema is often used to refer to a broad range of symptoms generally characterised by red, irritated, dry and itchy skin, most often caused by atopic dermatitis.

While some experts maintain eczema to be a generally inherited condition, worsened by hormone levels, stress and aggravating environmental factors, other experts argue that eczema is purely the result of sensitivity to allergens in our immediate environment. What is certain is that eczema is always accompanied by inflammation of skin which results in redness, swelling and even open wounds in the affected area.

How common is eczema in South Africa?

Research has shown that nearly one in five children is troubled by this condition at some point in their early years, while only 2% of adults are found to suffer from it.

What are the treatment options for eczema?

While no cure for eczema currently exists, there are various treatments available. While common treatment for eczema has historically been topical steroid cortisone creams, many mothers prefer to steer clear of cortisone medicines for the very reason that these creams can potentially lead to thinning of the skin, amongst other harmful side-effects.

What are the natural alternatives to cortisone?

A growing number of mothers are seeking more holistic and natural approach to the management of their child’s eczema. A natural alternative to cortisone, which has produced amazing results in the medicinal herb, Buchu, has been deemed as “Nature’s Wonder Pain Reliever and Anti-Inflammatory” by Professor Patrick Bouic (Journal of Natural Medicine, 2004). Extensive scientific research has proven the formulated organic Buchu oil contained in BuchuLife First Aid Gel to have potent anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Anecdotal evidence has shown this product to be an effective systematic treatment for eczema in children and adults.


“BuchuLife First Aid Gel, formulated from our research data, is one of the most exciting natural products to be used as an anti-inflammatory” Professor Patrick Bouic, Synexa Life Sciences

“…The skin infection soon cleared and most importantly, the eczema has not reappeared at all this winter. For the first time in his life, Ben has a problem-free skin” Gavin Attenborough

We tried the gel and it is amazing how her skin looks now – no more open wounds or inflamed and painful patches at all!” Anita Mata

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