Taking care of baby’s skin during Spring

As we delight in a new season of Spring we need to keep in mind that a baby’s skin undergoes changes during the different seasons. Midwife and Pampers Institute expert, Sister Yolanda Dlamini, gives moms easy to follow tips about baby skin care during Spring.

Tips to remember

Sun protection

Babies under 6 months should avoid sunscreen as much as possible. Keep baby away from direct sun ray exposure. If you have to be in the sun consult your pediatrician/dermatologist and only apply to the areas that are exposed like the face, back of the hands and feet. If you are outdoors a lot, make sure they wear a wide brimmed hat, the stroller should have a big enough shade to shield the baby. The baby should wear lightweight, breathable long-sleeved tops/ onesies.


It’s important that your baby’s skin is hydrated. Their skin can easily become dried out during Spring time and may cause it to become rough and irritated. To prevent this, after a bath, remember to always put on baby lotion before going outdoors to keep the skin hydrated as the sun can cause dryness.

Bath time

Just as mom has a skin care routine, your baby needs one too. Use products that will protect the skin from staying dry. Use a cleanser suitable for their skin type (as advised by your GP, pediatrician or dermatologist), followed by baby lotion or baby oil.

Nappy change

Some days in Spring can be quite hot and your baby may sweat when they are playing outside. A sweaty nappy area may lead to a rash developing. Pampers has developed a brand new generation of unisex pants that protects the skin. The new pants are designed to provide excellent dryness for both boys and girls and this is due to Pampers’ continuous improvements in technology.

The unisex pants have an absorbing material that’s spread across the pants to draw moisture away from the skin. It leaves the baby feeling dry and comfortable during the day or at night.

More features of the Pampers unisex pants

  • 2 Dry-zones: the pants have a unique acquisition system consisting of 2 layers
  • All-around fit: stretchy waistband and leg cuffs adapt to baby shapes and movements for a perfect fit in all positions
  • Less bulky design: enabling anatomical fit and minimising leakage
  • New design that is suitable for boys and girls
  • The range is available from sizes 3-5
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