Tea4Kidz sponsoring ECD workshops

Tea4Kidz Early Childhood Development workshop empowers teachers, volunteers and social workers in Stellenbosch.

Research indicates that the early years of childhood form the basis of intelligence, personality, social behaviour, and the capacity to learn and nurture oneself as an adult. Tea4Kidz understands the importance of these foundation years for South African children. In view of this, they sponsor Early Childhood Development (ECD) workshops. The most recent workshop took place at the Jessie Keet ECD centre in Stellenbosch.

The workshop was hosted in collaboration with StellCARE (formerly Child Welfare) and Renee Lighton of LightOn Education. They welcomed teachers, volunteers and social auxiliary workers from the five StellCARE ECD centres for a morning of fun and learning through play.

ECD training

About the workshop

Renee Lighton, educational consultant, author, speaker, life coach and founder of LightOn Education, explained that attendees benefited from an environment of sharing and learning. “We shared practical ideas of how to play simple card games which are used to develop important skills. Through these games we are able to connect with presence, eye contact and touch, in a playful way, which sets up the environment for learning success. These skills lay the foundation for all future learning.”

Every attendee was provided with playing cards and a parenting booklet from Tea4Kidz. The booklet includes great parenting tips, recipes, healthy lunchbox ideas and educational games. This instructional workshop forms part of a series of free workshops that Tea4Kidz and LightOn Education are running together.

ECD training

“We want to thank Tea4Kidz and Renee Lighton for this learning opportunity,” said Charleen Meiring, Social Auxiliary Worker at the StellCARE ECD centres. “We learnt so much and will gladly implement what was learned in our schools, as well as with the local community. The feedback from teachers was positive and they want to learn more so they can help their learners grow.”

At StellCARE’s five ECD centres there is a focus on the physical, mental, emotional social development of children. The social auxiliary worker has a monthly positive parenting programme, as well as trainings – such as these – to help develop teachers with new skills for the classroom.

“Part of our Tea4Kidz social mission is to provide the tools, products and information to empower parents, teachers, and caregivers,” explained Candice Sessions, Marketing Manager of Tea4Kidz. “This was another incredibly successful workshop which will result in more interactive learning sessions.”

Learning Through Play with Tea4Kidz and Card Games

The cards are inexpensive, small enough to fit into a handbag, picnic basket or rucksack. They are also adaptable to suit any age group. The card games can be played and enjoyed as a family, in the classroom, with a group of friends, or on your own. In fact, you can even use the pack to build card houses! Visit www.more4momz.com to download printable Tea4Kidz character cards and card game ideas for hours of fun learning and playing.

ECD training

If you would like to host an educational Tea4Kidz workshop in your area, please contact candice@joekels.co.za.

About Joekels

Joekels pack, blend and distribute some of South Africa’s most popular household tea brands. Their brands include Tetley, Laager, Tea Time, Tea4Kidz, and Society Coffee. Joekels was established in 1994 by businessman, Joe Swart and Master Tea Blender, Jonathan Kelsey. Joekels is an award-winning brand with both Halaal and Kosher accreditation. They also hold the highest global food safety and quality certification, FSSC 22000. The Laager Rooibos brand is accredited by the Heart & Stroke foundation of South Africa. Visit www.joekels.co.za

About Laager Tea4Kidz

Tea4Kidz is Laager’s range of Rooibos teas. In fact, this is the first tea ever created just for kids. They provide parents with a healthier drink option for their young ones. Tea4Kidz is available in six flavours, including the new Tea4Kidz+ range with added Vitamin C. Furthermore, the beverage has all the associated benefits of Rooibos, including boosting immunity and relieving symptoms of allergies. Visit www.more4momz.com for more info.

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