What teachers really want you to buy them

My mom was a teacher. My brother and I used to love the end of year teachers gift haul. There was generally loads of chocolates, some ornaments and always a whole lot of soap! My mom obviously graciously accepted each and every gift she received, but I think she still has a box of soaps somewhere (and she stopped teaching about 10 years ago).

It is always a struggle to buy meaningful teachers gifts because how much do you really know about your child’s teacher? Yes you chat to them every day and sometimes you learn a little about them but generally it’s pretty superficial. So what do you get them?

Here are a few of my ideas that seem to have worked well (and that teachers have suggested).

  • A spa voucher. The chance to sit, in silence while someone else looks after them is probably many teachers dream!
  • A general shopping voucher. They are then able to buy something they really need. You could even organise that everyone in the class donates something which could result in a nice voucher.
  • A personalised gift. Something like a notebook with their name, it shows that you didn’t just grab a handful of the same notebooks from CNA and hand them out to all of your child’s teachers. You can even get your child to make them something, these are always very special.
  • Something useful. Teachers do bath, I promise you they have their personal hygiene covered. Get them something that they will actually use, like mugs or pretty pens or if you know they like gardening, some pretty pots/tools. If they bake, maybe some cookie cutters or pretty bowls. Ask if they have any hobbies, if you aren’t sure.

Teachers love the gifts they receive at the end of the year, really they do but they would also prefer to be able to use what you give them, so take a little time to think about what you are going to buy for them.

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Laura-kim le Roux

Laura is a work from home mom to four kids and wife to the world’s most patient man! Her oldest is 13 years old and her youngest is 2. So while she doesn’t really know all there is to know about parenting, she has spent a lot of time in the trenches and has a lot of hands on experience. By morning she manages a team of Weigh-Less group leaders. By afternoon her super power is logistics and she gets the teen to swimming, the tween to dancing and keeps the toddlers entertained. By night she writes for her blog Harassed Mom and various clients.

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