Tedious household chores: Now easier thanks to AI

The idea of having to measure washing detergent or read up on what program you should set your washing machine on for your most prized garments seems like a thing of the past in 2020.

As AI technology continues to filter into our daily lives, doing your laundry just got a whole lot easier thanks to new advancements in AI.

Hands up if you remember watching futuristic films where characters sped around in their flying cars or bossed around their housekeeping robots. Even the 1962 cartoon “The Jetsons” revolved around a family living in a blissful, utopian future of three-day workweeks, houses in the sky and incredibly convenient technology.

At the time, the concept of a digitally connected world seemed like light-years away. However, today, we already see advanced technology filtering into everyday household appliances and electronics. Every year, we’re inching closer to that high-tech future that scientists have predicted over the last decade.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a prime example of technology that’s rapidly evolving. It is found everywhere from smartphones and TVs to cameras and cars. AI devices have advanced to become digital personal assistants, making our lives easier, better and more convenient than ever before.

AI-powered laundry

LG is a brand synonymous with incorporating computing power, AI tech and sensors into their appliances to improve efficiency. They are proud to continue to develop and deliver forward-thinking consumer products.

The multinational electronics company’s latest innovation takes laundry to the next level through the power of AI. Unveiled at CES in Las Vegas in January 2020, the new LG ThinQ AI DD washing machine not only detects the volume and weight of each laundry load but also uses AI and advanced sensors to identify various fabric types.

That means that you can wash a mixed load of t-shirts and pants, and the intelligent washer will program the wash cycle to use customised motions, temperatures and times for the best results.

By using deep learning technology and comparing over 20 thousand data points related to washer usage, LG’s newest machine takes the guesswork out of laundry, improving cleaning of all fabric types and extending the life of your precious garments in the long run.

More so, its user-friendly ezDispense feature automatically adds the perfect amount of liquid detergent and fabric softener at optimal times during the wash cycle. And when it comes to drying, its Smart Pairing feature sends the optimal dryer setting for each load directly to your compatible LG dryer for added convenience.

The next-generation LG AI DD washing machine is currently only available in the US but will be in South Africa soon.

AI-enhanced functionality and quality of life

“Right now, AI is still in its infancy and is primarily used to automate tasks so that humans don’t have to do them. While this is a very basic function, in the appliance space, that’s all that’s needed to seriously enhance appliance functionality,” explains Hlulani Baloyi, Consumer Electronics National Trainer at LG.

Baloyi goes on to add how AI is transforming the way we live, work and play through better interaction with our appliances.

“We have washing machines that adjust how they wash clothes to achieve the best results, TVs that automatically adjust the picture and sound quality, so the viewer always gets the best experience, and cell phones that use it to enhance the photos they take.”

“These are just three examples of the tasks AI is helping with, but it’s clear to us that these seemingly small advances have big impacts on consumers’ quality of life. That’s something we take very seriously, and we work hard to bring these advances to more people every day,” he concludes.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds as AI continues to shape various industries, helping us to function more optimally – even if it’s just making sure our favourite pair of jeans lasts longer!

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