The BABY Born® Doll & Travel Time Set

The new BABY born® dolls are now softer and more supple. This means that the lifelike functions, which all work without batteries, are more natural.

When Captive Conversations reached out and asked if we wanted to do a review this incredible BABY born®  set and travel time accessories, Mandy already knew that another baby was on Charly’s Christmas list (very very close to the top under guitar and mermaid tail).

baby born

Charly was beyond excited when she saw that her gift came with a car seat for her baby girl, she is definitely mommy’s girl (Her mom Mandy is the creator, director and spokesperson for the #CARSEATFULLSTOP initiative). It was the first thing opened. She carefully unpacked all the amazing goodies from the various boxes – a diaper bag with changing mat, diaper, powder and a rattle for the mom-on-the-go. A spare bottle with two different teats. A pack of BABY Born baby food and a spare pack of diapers. And then of course, the main event!

The beautiful Soft Touch Baby Born doll, came with an adorable outfit, a bottle, a bowl and spoon for the one sachet of food, a potty and a spare diaper. She also comes with a matching bracelet set, which Charly immediately put on. Having had the first edition BABY born® little boy (Blake) the difference with the new soft touch is instantly noticeable. She is heavier and her body and limbs are more malleable, she feels very much like a real baby.

baby born

Like her brother before her, Rosie, can “really” eat the special baby born food and drink water. And then she can wee in her diaper or in the potty. She can even do a number two with a bit of tummy massaging after food. Baby Rosie can also cry real tears when her bottle is finished and she’s been given two holes under her feet so that water can easily escape after a bath.

Of course, we love that you can purchase a car seat for your baby. One of Mandy’s biggest challenges with parents is them saying their little ones hate being in the car seat. Kids want to do what they see. They see you facing the front of the car, with the seatbelt (hopefully) and no car seat. This Christmas buy them a baby AND a car seat. A travel buddy always helps!

BABY born® So Soft Touch

The new BABY born® dolls are now softer and more supple. This means that the lifelike functions, which all work without batteries, are more natural. The doll’s arms are now  more mobile, which making putting on and taking off their colourful clothes total child’s play. The set of basics includes a bodysuit and a hat with cute ears.

The dolls are available in either boy or girl, with two options of skin tone for the girl babies. We’ll refer to the baby as a girl because we’re reviewing Rosie.

Great features!

baby born

BABY born® cries real doll tears when her soft upper body is squeezed. She might be hungry! BABY born® eats special baby food. The dis-solvable doll food was specifically formulated for your BABY born – just add water and stir! The doll comes with her own plate, spoon and one sachet of porridge. You can also purchase extra food. The food packs come with 12 individual serving portions. (Although the food is not meant for human consumption, it is non-toxic should your child sneak a taste!)

Maybe your baby doll is thirsty. She can actually drink water from her bottle. The dolls come with a single bottle, but additional bottles can be bought.

baby born

She might be crying because she needs the potty? Pressing her soft tummy button makes the little doll do a wee, and she even does a ‘number two’ at the touch of a button. Sometimes she prefers to do it in her diaper instead. The doll comes with one diaper, but additional 5-packs can be purchased.

Your little water baby also loves to splash around in the bath. Once she has tired herself out, lay her on her back and she closes her eyes – ideally with her dummy in her mouth of course.

BABY born® Soft Touch comes with a bodysuit and hat. Includes 1 potty, 1 diaper, 1 plate with spoon, 1 portion of porridge, 1 bottle, 1 dummy with dummy chain, 1 birth certificate and 1 friendship bracelet each for the kid and the doll.

Baby Born Car Seat

baby born

BABY born® is a traveller and adventurer, but safety comes first. Make her comfortable in her own car seat. She will be safe while travelling by car, while also being able to see the country-side whipping by. This robust seat with its pink stripy cover has its own seatbelt system, so that BABY born® can relax and enjoy her journey. You can then fix the seat into the car using a normal seatbelt. Have a good trip!

Baby Born Changing Bag


Having a changing bag is very important, because you never know when you’ll need to do a diaper change while out and about. Bruno the bear, Bello the dog, Benno the bunny and Berta the duck are all featured on the side of this spacious pink bag.  There’s lots of room inside for the striped changing mat, the powder bottle, the rattle ring, and of course, a spare diaper.

The BABY born® Changing Bag includes a changing mat, diaper, powder bottle and rattle ring.

Where to buy your own BABY Born and accessories?

retail price
BABY Born So Soft Touch Girl R1 200 Toyzone/ Toy Kingdom/ Toys R Us
BABY Born Car Seat R620 Toy Kingdom/ Toyzone/ Takealot & Hamleys
BABY Born Changing Bag R500 Toyzone/ Toy Kingdom & Hamleys
BABY Born Nappies R90 Toyzone/ Toy Kingdom/ Hamleys/ Takealot
BABY Born Food R140 Toyzone/ Hamleys/ Takealot & Toys R Us
BABY Born Bottle R80 Toys R Us/ Toy Kingdom & Hamleys

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