The Chocolate Festival

Treatment for children with cancer is long (typically anywhere from eight months to three years of hospitalization).

Families not living close to Dora Nginza have additional stresses placed on them as they have to travel to cities and be absent from the family home while they support their child through the difficult time. At the same time, they face unexpected financial difficulties.

Usually one parent has to spend long periods in a city or large town while the child is in hospital and he or she needs accommodation. Sometimes children do not have to be in hospital but are required to attend out-patient clinics for daily checkups for a week at a time and they and their parents, need a safe nurturing home from home. These stays vary from a week to nine months or even longer in the case of bone-marrow transplant patients.

The CHOC LODGE programme strives to provide a temporary home away from home for the parent or care giver and child during treatment periods in a house close to the hospital. They can relax and be with other families facing similar difficulties. Statistics prove that having a caring and supportive environment in which to stay can assist considerably in reducing the rate of abandonment of treatment by families.

Apart from the initial costs of setting up these lodges, to keep the lodges up and running with staff, toiletries, bedding, food and electricity will cost in excess of R500 000 per annum…That’s where The Chocolate Festival comes in. If we hold an annual fundraiser, we have the opportunity to raise the much needed money to keep the lodges alive.

Support the CHOC Foundation at this year’s Chocolate Festival.

DATE: 7 & 8 June 2014

TIME: 9:00 – 17:00

PLACE: King’s Market, King’s Court, Buffelsfontien Rd, PE

The day will include live music, artisan chocolate demonstrations, photo booth, kid’s activities and more.

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