The importance in name choices

So you’ve spent hours going through baby name books and still you and your partner cannot agree as the name choices are endless.  This can be more stressful than fun and if you are unsure of the gender, it means finding both a girl and a boy name.

There are many things to consider, bearing in mind that your ‘little bundle of joy’ will use the name you have chosen for them for the rest of their lives.  Therefore careful consideration must go into the naming process to avoid your child being teased or ridiculed due to your name choice.

Here are some points you may want to consider before making your final decision:

Sound and compatibility are important.   You may want to name your daughter after your grandmother or carry on the mother’s last name as the child’s first or middle name but it may simply not work.  Henrietta Hilary Harvey….um no!

If you and your partner hyphenated your surnames when you got married, you may consider not giving your child a middle name.  There is only so much space on an official document when filing in your name.  Plus if your child carries on this tradition when he or she marries, their name could become quite a tongue-twister.

A middle name does give your child more flexibility when it comes to deciding the name he or she wants to be called by.  It is not unusual for people to use their middle name as their name of choice.

Do not name your child something with three or four syllables and expect them not to get a nickname.  This I am afraid is inevitable.

Do not name your baby something utterly impossible to spell.   Some parents decide to re-invent the spelling of certain names to be unique.  This is your decision but the constant incorrect spelling is the burden your child will bear.

Consider the initials once you have made your choice.   Andrew Steven Smith…initials ASS are not a good combination or Felicity Ann Thompson….FAT.  Children are cruel and this could lead to constant teasing during their childhood year.  In fact a boss with the initials ASS…hmmm!

And lastly, when you hear of a kid with a weird name one thinks “What parent would do that to their kid?”  You make the call but the child lives with it for a lifetime.

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