The must-have sun product for this summer

Of course, we’re talking about the new and improved Pure Beginnings Sensitive Sun Cream. If you haven’t heard about it, here are some quick-fire facts to get you up to speed:


  • Pure Beginnings’ new sun cream formula is COSMOS Organic certified with Ecocert
  • It has improved spreadability
  • Less whitening on the skin
  • Manufactured with 100% natural mineral filters
  • Has an SPF of 50+
  • Offers UVA + UVB protection
  • Is water resistant
  • Vegan
  • Guaranteed free from nanoparticles
  • It contains no phototoxic substances that contribute to the destruction of coral reefs around the globe, so is water course and coral reef friendly.
  • Their new Sensitive Sun Cream has been tested and approved to comply with the sun care standards of the EU (COLIPA) and the US (FDA) with regards to sun protection factor (SPF), broad spectrum protection (UVA+UVB rays) and water resistance.

How do mineral and chemical sun creams differ?

Mineral sunscreens are made without toxins. They are effective against both types of sun rays (UVA and UVB) and they biodegrade in water. Mineral filters are used (Pure Beginnings use Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide) which are guaranteed free of nanoparticles (which are known to have toxic effects). The filters sit on the skin’s surface and create a physical barrier to the sun by reflecting UV rays (like mirrors). The effectiveness is immediate, and the duration of protection is longer than that of chemical based sunscreens.

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Chemical sunscreens are absorbed by the skin and are not effective until 30 minutes after application. The chemicals in these sunscreens transform the UV rays, resulting in numerous potential health concerns, including allergic and phototoxic reactions.

Using the latest innovations in biotechnology, the new Pure Beginnings Sun Cream uses quality active ingredients that are safe, clean and pollutant-free – making them kind to the skin and to our planet.

Caring for coral reefs

Aside from the potential negative health impacts on humans, chemical sunscreens can also contain phototoxic substances. The substances are partly responsible for the destruction of coral reefs around the world. In fact, have you ever thought about how much sunscreen must wash off into our oceans, and the long term effects this can cause?

The Pure Beginnings Sensitive Sun Cream SPF50+ is kind to coral reefs and water courses. This is because it contains no chemicals or ingredients that can cause disruption to the ecosystem of our waters. This is important! Pure Beginnings are passionate about safe and healthy skincare. They also care deeply for the environment. In this case the focus is on the animal and sea-life who are affected by what skincare we choose to use day to day.

For the whole family!

Although designed for babies and kids, this product is perfect for the whole family. Especially for people with sensitive skins or those who may react to chemical based sunscreens.

This summer, choose an organic sun cream which is better for your family, your skin, your environment and the ocean!

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