The Ultimate Quarantine Workout with the Finkels

Lace up your tekkies, and put on those sweatbands. Get ready for the best 30-minute workout on World Move for Health Day this Sunday, 10 May with SA’s fittest family of CrossFit champions.

Nicole Jennings, spokesperson for Pharma Dynamics – an advocate for healthy living – says that after being confined to our homes for almost six weeks under lockdown many of us have settled into sedentary living. This is bad for both our waistlines and our hearts.

“Lack of physical activity is among the biggest risk factors for chronic diseases of lifestyle, such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, which accounts for 40% of all deaths in SA.

Keagan Lazarus (21) poses with Reegan Finkel (17), who is currently placed 1st in SA’s Teen Division for Crossfit.

“The majority of South Africans don’t do anywhere near the recommended amount of exercise to stave off non-communicable diseases. The most recent study by the World Health Organisation (WHO) found that a whopping 38.2% of South Africans are inactive. Women are the least active (47.3%) when compared to men (28.5%).

“Participating in 30 minutes of exercise every day reduces your risk of hypertension by almost one fifth. While incorporating four hours of physical activity a week could make the difference between a healthy blood pressure and having to take medication for life.”

The WHO recommends a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week, such as brisk walking or cycling, which is now allowed outside during stage 4 of the lockdown. Exercising vigorously for 75 minutes weekly, would have a similar effect.

Jennings says their aim is to get as many South Africans off the couch and moving. “This is why we have teamed up with the Finkels. Their passion for fitness and family, is infectious and we know others will be inspired by them,” she says.

Meet the Finkels

The Finkels (from left): Glen, Reegan, Ashton, Shiana, Yael and Brady

Meet the Finkels: Husband and wife duo, Glen and Yael Finkel, and three of their daughters, Reegan (17), Ashton (16) and Brady (19). They all boast impressive fitness resumés. They have developed a full-body training routine that the entire family can enjoy at home.

Brady Finkel (19) is training for a place in the Top 10 in next years SA Crossfit Open.

Glen Finkel’s passion for fitness began at an early age. He has always enjoyed competitive sports, which taught him to be a disciplined athlete from adolescence into adulthood.

“Yael and I have devoted most of our lives to exercise and healthy living. As a family we train together several times a week and compete in numerous CrossFit competitions. Sharing this passion has enriched our lives and cemented our bond. If, through this initiative we get to inspire but one individual or another family, it would’ve been worth it.

Ashton Finkel (16) is placed 2nd in SA’s Teen Division for Crossfit.

“To us healthy living is second nature. But my message to others who are struggling to make exercise a part of their lives, would be to start now and make it a habit. In fact, taking charge of your fitness may be one of the best decisions you will ever make. The choice is yours, so take it,” he says.

Yael Finkel has advice for women and busy moms, whose days are often a juggling act. She say to take some time for yourself, by making exercise a daily priority.

“This will make you a better person and mother, and will help you to cope with the pressures of life.”

What to expect on Sunday

She says they’re shifting gears on Sunday to make their workout routine easier for everyone to enjoy at home. Adapted to limited space, while no equipment is needed.

“We’ll also include more challenging variations for people who are at an intermediate or more advanced fitness level. We’ll bring all our enthusiasm and energy on Sunday and are super excited to be exercising with everyone.”

To participate in Pharma Dynamics’ World Move for Health workout with the Finkels, all you need to do, is log in to on 10 May at 10h00 sharp! The half an hour workout is packed with high-energy movements that’s sure to get your heart pumping and blood moving.

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