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Welcome back to (H)Appy Parenting with Zoe, where I share awesome Apps that will make parents and parents-to-be (H)Appy (see what I did there?)! I’m Zoe, mom to 4 month old Harley, and today I am reviewing The Wonder Weeks app which helps you keep track of your little one’s developmental leaps and navigate their fussy periods.

Children can be complete mysteries, even to their own parents. We are supposed to understand them better than anyone (in theory), but often end up totally befuddled about why they are crying for seemingly no reason, or what they are going through. While it does get easier over time, there can be weeks when suddenly your precious angel seems possessed, acting differently and needing to be parented in new ways. While it can seem like a mystery, there’s actually an app for that – The Wonder Weeks app!

The wonder weeks app
 What is it?

The Wonder Weeks app is a companion app for the book with the same title. It’s based around the idea that children experience growth spurts and developmental leaps at relatively predictable times. In the period leading up to the leap forward, children typically cry more, are increasingly cranky and clinging. Parents may see their children as regressing and get frustrated, but this is followed by a period where the child gains new skills and interests as his or her perception of the world changes.

The Wonder Weeks app allows users to enter your child’s (or children’s) age, giving a rough indication of when the difficult periods and leaps will occur. These can be charted against the calendar to help with planning activities or preparing oneself, plus there are blurbs about each leap and what parents can expect during the difficult time, the growth or new skills expected and how to work wiht your little one to make the transition a little easier for them – and you.

How does it work?

After downloading, users are prompted to add the name of the child and his or her due date. The app works with due dates as it’s based on brain development from conception rather than from the actual date of birth. There are three main section to the app – Today, Leaps and Chart.

Today shows how many days remain until the next leap, explaining a current leap and sensations if applicable.

Leaps gives the full list of leaps to expect and the time periods to expect them. Here, users can read ahead to find out what to expect from the leap in terms of signs it is coming and abilities the child will gain. Particularly helpful in this section is the practical “help” tab that gives tips on how to comfort your baby during the difficult period and help him or her master the new skills, getting through the leap more easily.

Chart shows timelines that parents can expect, giving warnings for potentially unhappy periods, as well as expected dates for the child to feel better.

– Insight into child’s development and help through cranky periods
– Easy to use
– Applicable for first six years of life
– Can manage multiple children
– Available on iOS and Android

– R38 on iOS and R23 on Android
– Not for daily information

Where can I find it?
Get it on iTunes
Get it for Android

Are there other questions you would like answered about this app? Please leave me a comment if there is, and I will see what I can do!

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Zoe Hawkins

Zoe is a first time mom to a gorgeous baby girl named Harley Wednesday. An avid video gamer, book worm and movie nut, she blogs at BornGeek about pregnancy, parenthood and life, with a unique geeky perspective that is all her own. Content editor & PR manager at LazyGamer, she has now added Tums 2 Tots Online columnist to her busy lifestyle, where she will be sharing reviews on various apps that make life as a parent-to-be and parents a little easier in her column (H)Appy Parenting.


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