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Tums 2 Tots Online was so excited to be invited to see the latest musical theatre production of Robin Hood at Canal Walk in Cape Town. We sent along our latest addition, Anthea O’Neill. She took along her beautiful kids, 9 year old Joshua and 5 year old Alex, to find out what it was all about. Here’s what Anthea had to say…

On it’s opening day, the kids and I headed to Canal Walk Shopping Center to watch this year’s children’s musical theatre production of Robin Hood. We were so excited to see this classic tale come to life. I was thrilled when I got to go on behalf of Tums 2 Tots Online.

Robin Hood reviewers

Robin Hood is produced by Fred Abrahamse and Marcel Meyer. We already knew the gist of the story of Robin Hood, so we didn’t expect much variation from the classic tale. However, the show far exceeded our expectations! They brought it to life in a very authentic way that had huge entertainment value for the whole family.

We were all caught up in the story from the opening scene, which was a catchy and happy song and dance about the marvelous month of May in the forest. The kids were completely spellbound and tapping their feet. The tone of the musical show was so heartwarming and happy. At one point my daughter turned to me and said, “Mommy, my heart is also singing!”.

Robin Hood Cast

The kids were awed at the beautiful forest scene on the stage that had hundreds of little lights lighting up the forest. A five metre tall talking tree, a speaking falcon, Maid Marian and a host of other loveable and admirable characters, helped Robin on his quest to give to others, defeat the Sheriff of Nottingham and find his true love.

Entertainment value for the whole family

It’s rare to find something to do during the holidays that is age-appropriate and entertaining for both my kids. There were so many kids of different age groups in the audience and we were all (parents included) completely entertained and clapping along.

The courtship between the lovely Maid Marion and Robin Hood eventually resulted in them kissing and all the kids in the audience (mine included) shouted “EwWWww!”.

Robin Hood & Marion

There were some really funny moments in the show that had us all screeching with laughter. We loved all the characters, but the one who had us laughing the most was the Sherrif of Nottingham.

Robin Hood sherrif

His performance was very theatrical and absolutely brilliant! Being the main bad guy, he had all the kids riled up everytime he said or did something crazy. Usually his poor subordinate would have to carry out his instructions and suffer the consequences, which was very funny! All the jokes were completely age appropriate.

A worthy cause

Canal Walk Shopping Centre joined our hero, who is on a mission to make life better for others. They and the Hyprop Foundation partnered with the LEAP Science & Maths schools to make a difference. All proceeds from the theatre programmes, as well as a percentage of the ticket sales from the staging of the performances, will be donated to these no-fee schools.

There is also a chance for everyone to do their bit for the community. CWSC is asking everybody to bring a can of food to help them and the LEAP schools to feed the minds and bodies of those less fortunate.

The tins gathered during this time – 17 000  (6 700 kilos) are required – will be constructed into a mosaic representing former President Nelson Mandela. The mosaic will be built on Mandela Day 18th July at Canal Walk. It will be a visible reminder of what Madiba envisioned for South Africa.  It is a sight not to be missed! Everybody should try to get involved or view the mosaic, if only for 67 seconds. Once completed, the tins will be donated to the LEAP social development initiatives in Langa, Philippi, Gugulethu, Crossroads and Delft.

Robin Hood Banner

It’s been days since we saw the show and my kids are still role-playing scenes from the play. It was a truy magical and uplifting production. We all agreed that the show was so brilliant that we’re going back to see it a second time!

You can meet Robin, Marian, The Sherriff of Nottingham and the Merry Men, and the legendary Friar Tuck! Book your tickets through Computicket or at Canal Walk Shopping Center.

Venue: Canal Walk Shopping Center
Cost: R75 per person
Show times: 11H00; 12H30 and 14H00 from Tuesday to Sunday.

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*This is not a sponsored post. Although we attended the event as guests, all thoughts on the experience are the author’s own.

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Anthea O'Neill

Anthea is a happily married working mommy of 2 gorgeous kids, 10 year old Joshua and 5 year old Alex. When she isn’t wowing her team and clients, she creates gorgeous designed invites and cards, and shares her life and loads of crafts on her personal blog, Anthea’s Project Life.

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