Things to do in Joburg – Shrek at Gold Reef City

A few weeks back we let you know that Broadway and West End hit Shrek The Musical! was at Gold Reef City from 24 June to 17 July 2016. You still have a few more days to take advantage of what is apparently an amazing show. We sent the lovely Lindi to check it out for us.

TheHeir and I attended the launch of Shrek the Musical at The Lyric at Gold Reef City. Kickstart Production, famous for bringing great shows to Joburg, put it all together. It certainly lived up to all the hype!

The musical adaptation of the Dreamworks Shrek Movies has been seen around the world. We love that the 28-man strong cast is ALL LOCAL! Yay! They went all out to ensure that show really was the “Best Musical of the Year” in Johannesburg. The amazing singing and dancing brought characters we love to life, and ensured that each person in the audience was enthralled from beginning to the end.

Shrek Cast on stage

TheHeir is 9 years old, so I was unsure how impressed he would be, but he loved it. He sang along with the characters. He laughed at the jokes and his highlight for the evening was #Donkey. He raved about him all the way home. My voice was hoarse from all the singing along and laughing by the time I made it home. My highlight was definitely Fiona, who is so dramatic, so un-princess-like and wants a PRENUP.

I loved the almost carnival air of anticipation from kids and adults alike. Once the curtains opened the show did not disappoint. I loved how the Organisers went all out to theme the whole evening beautifully, but also to cater to both the kids and adults.

The Show ends 17th of July so grab your tickets now, and be transported to the fabulous kingdom of Far Far Away, the best one liners and amazing costumes.

*This is not a sponsored post. Although we attended the event as guests, all thoughts on the experience are the author’s own.

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Lindi Mogale

Lindi is a wife and mom of 2 amazing boys (TheHeir 9yo and TheSpare 2yo). During the day she heads up a team of kick-ass change management specialists, but at night she is the cook, nanny, chief whip of her family and blogger. She juggles travelling for work, a busy schedule, studying and mothering, while wearing beautiful shoes, because that is what one does, you know. Her passion lies is supporting other women, having copious amounts of fun and creating a platform for other mothers to explore their creativity through her blog A Well Heeled Woman and FB group African Mommy Bloggers.

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