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Tums 2 Tots Online was invited to the launch of the gorgeous new Pylones store in Sandton City. We sent our amazing Joburg columnist Zoe Hawkins to check it out. Here’s what she had to say…

Pylones Zoe & Harley

I thoroughly enjoyed the launch event for Pylones in Sandton City, and if you’re heading that way I’d recommend dropping in and checking out what’s on offer.

Being an experienced journalist, I thought that I had done my research by visiting the Pylones website. Oh how wrong I was. As explained to us at the launch, the site only includes a selection of the products available in the store; the store in Sandton that can be found between Woolies and H&M had 2 500 different products available when I visited. I don’t envy their team when it comes time for stock take!

So what is Pylones all about? At it’s core, it’s about unique design. However, that doesn’t mean it’s so exclusive that you need to budget carefully before walking into the store. Sure, there are some items from the Museum of Modern Art that will set you back a pretty penny, but you can also pick up some fun and interesting things for less than a takeaway coffee.

In fact, for just R10 I picked up this cool tangle bracelet/toy that I can wear as jewelry but use as a toy for Harley when we’re out. I also got some fun eyes that you can hold with your hand to help your little one’s eye tracking and depth perception – a small but highly entertaining toy that has instantly become a must-have in my handbag.

Pylones bracelet

With a wide range of items, there’s sure to be something for your family to enjoy. I want to go back and buy some quirky bowls, especially before we head into soup/stew season, but if your little one needs their own plates you might want to get an adorable bamboo set.

Pylones Plates and bowls

I also fell in love with their umbrellas – I’m sure my little girl would love to treat it as a doll one day, a doll that has extra utility. Pylones umbrellas

While I managed to have a fabulous time at the launch with Harley in her pram, if you have small kids you might need to be a bit careful going into the shop. With so many bright colors and cool designs, you might find your little one grabbing for everything. Then again, that’s not such a bad thing – they might help you find even more interesting stuff that you almost missed.

I know I will be returning there soon, probably after payday, to pick up a variety of things to make my home and my life more colorful.

*This is not a sponsored post. Although we attended the event as guests, all thoughts on the experience are the author’s own.

If you have an event in South Africa that you would like covered, send us a mail to and we will see what we can do!

*You can learn more about Zoe here!

Zoe Hawkins

Zoe is a first time mom to a gorgeous baby girl named Harley Wednesday. An avid video gamer, book worm and movie nut, she blogs at BornGeek about pregnancy, parenthood and life, with a unique geeky perspective that is all her own. Content editor & PR manager at LazyGamer, she has now added Tums 2 Tots Online columnist to her busy lifestyle, where she will be sharing reviews on various apps that make life as a parent-to-be and parents a little easier in her column (H)Appy Parenting.

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