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We at Tums 2 Tots Online get invited to some amazing launches and events all over South Africa. Whenever we do, we will share it with you here under Things To Do! New stores, new venues, restaurants, shows, anything we know about – you will know about. This past week Toy Kingdom launched a new store in Boksburg and the gorgeous Lindi Mogale attended with her boys on our behalf. Here’s what she has to say about it…

Lindi Toy Kingdom

What a fun way to spend a Friday afternoon! Toy Kingdom has opened a new branch in the refurbished Eastrand Mall in Boksburg, and we were fortunate enough to be invited to pop in. I took along my 2 boys (TheHeir and TheSpare as they are affectionately named online), as I figured the best way to test out a Toy Store is to take along experts on the subject. The experts enjoyed their visits to the store and gave the stamp of approval.

Toy Kingdom - the experts

The Toy Kingdom launch was characterised by drummers at the door and the most awesome mechanical dinosaur, which was a great hit with both kids and adults.  There was some live children’s show characters, both the boys and I took lots of pictures with the various characters.  There was a variety of activities and toys to keep the interest of both of my kids. TheHeir, who is 9 year old, loved the displays of LeapPads right in front of the door. TheSpare, who is 2 years old, discovered that there is such a thing as a LEGO table, now he wants one.

The Toy Kingdom store layout makes it easy for you to find toys relevant to each age group. There was a selection of toys in each section that the kids could play with and experience – I think this was the best part for most of the kids at the launch.  I personally loved the LEGO section, it has a comprehensive selection and even had some sets I hadn’t seen before, which was really cool. For the toddlers there is great special on the LeapPad – check it out.Toy Kingdom Store

Toy Kingdom caters for the varied tastes of the all different age groups. There are some amazing launch savings on offer, so go stock up on those gifts for special occasions.

*This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts on the experience are the author’s own.

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Lindi Mogale

Lindi is a wife and mom of 2 amazing boys (TheHeir 9yo and TheSpare 2yo). During the day she heads up a team of kick-ass change management specialists, but at night she is the cook, nanny, chief whip of her family and blogger. She juggles travelling for work, a busy schedule, studying and mothering, while wearing beautiful shoes, because that is what one does, you know. Her passion lies is supporting other women, having copious amounts of fun and creating a platform for other mothers to explore their creativity through her blog A Well Heeled Woman and FB group African Mommy Bloggers.

  1. I live in Boksburg and didn’t know about this store. Will be taking my children there but can imagine there will be many “I want’s”. My son is also Lego crazy

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