Things you should avoid after having a C-section

A caesarean section is considered major surgery and it does require the same post-op care that any other major surgery requires. Even if you have planned to have natural birth, it is advisable to make sure you know what to avoid after a c-section because anything can happen the day you go into labour.

Most women do generally bounce back pretty quickly and you are able to get up and move around as soon as your epidural has worn off, there are still a few things you need to avoid or at least be careful not to do.

Avoid bending down. This will not be comfortable to do anyway but try to avoid bending down after your Caesar. Keep all your baby’s wipes and clothes within easy reach and there are cots you can raise the mattress making it easier to pick your baby up.

Do not lift heavy objects. I know we want to still feel like we can do everything we did before we had baby but you need to allow your body time to heal, so do not pick up anything too heavy. If you lift heavy items you run the risk of your cut opening up, which you really do not want.

Laughing and coughing. Neither of these are really something you can control but coughing more so than laughing will be painful and put pressure on your stomach.

Avoid tight clothing. There is a reason they suggest those ugly disposable panties, they are light and loose so do not place pressure on your cut. We all want to get back into anything that is not a maternity outfit but let your cut heal first and then you can flash all your “thin” pants pain free.

Avoid touching your incision. Don’t touch your cut unnecessarily as this can cause infection and slow the healing process. When you get discharged the nurses will give you instruction on how to care for the incision, follow these and call your Dr if you are experiencing any pain or if something does not feel right.

Many women want to get back to life as quickly as possible after they have had a baby but it is so important to allow your body time to heal. Spend those early weeks bonding with your baby and leave the heavy lifting and bending to your husband.

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