ThreadForward ~ The importance of a sleep routine

Last week, the Westin launched their new ThreadForward campaign. Westin hotels from across the world have committed to upcycling their used linens to make pajamas for underpriviledged children, to try help them establish a sleep routine.


The Westin Hotels began a global campaign called “Let’s Rise” in 2017. The goal – to “Take back what travel takes from you”. They are a company passionate about wellness. They have built their services to support the families staying in their hotels through 6 wellness pillars… Eat Well, Sleep Well, Move Well, Feel Well, Work Well and Play Well. (You can read more about the ways they do this here.) ThreadForward falls under the Sleep Well pillar.

As part of Let’s Rise, the Westin began Project Rise. Asking their team for ideas on how they can help the world rise, by spreading well-being to their communities. A Housekeeping Supervisor from Canada came up with the idea that began the ThreadForward intiative. Because of the high standards of service, the hotels’ white linens are discarded if there is the slightest defect. Until now, they went to staff or to local animal shelters that needed them. Her idea was to come up with a specific project or charity that would get the most use from them.

Threadforward bedding
The Westin took this idea, and launched an industry first with #ThreadForward –

All linens would be upcycled to produce pajamas for kids in need in the spirit of Project Rise. The Westin began a sustainability program to collect, process, and reweave this bed linen into a whole new fabric, ready to be transformed into thousands of pairs of children’s pajamas! Clean the World, an internationally recognised recycling organisation, helps them to do this.

Threadforward pajamas
Why pajamas?

“The act of changing into pajamas before bed is probably the most symbolic part of the bedtime routine as kids prepare for sleep. This routine is a key component of healthy sleep for kids and commonly recommended by sleep scientists as a way to improve sleep quality. A sleep routine helps children to fall asleep quickly and sleep more soundly. Further, it can help reduce the instances of waking during the night, getting out of bed, and calling to parents during the night.” – the Westin

Studies from Harvard have proven that the key to better and longer sleep, and creating good life-long sleep habits, lies in creating a bedtime routine.

A healthy routine looks something like this (feel free to download it to create a checklist for your little one)

Tums2Tots Sleep Routine ThreadForward

A lack of sleep severely affects a child’s health, growth and development. Without enough sleep, they have trouble learning, get lower academic results and have attention issues. Children from poorer communities often sleep in places that are too bright, noisy, hot or cold. They take longer to fall asleep and have more disruptions during the night. They are also least likely to be in a situation where a sleep routine, like those many of our little ones’ have, is possible.

As a brand passionate about the importance of good quality sleep to overall wellness for everybody, the Westin has found a way to try to introduce some of these children to a sleep routine by giving them high quality, beautiful, soft pajamas. At the end of a long and challenging day, they can slip into something that can signal to their precious little minds and bodies that it is time to switch off and get some sleep.


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