Tips on how to keep your little bundle safe during bath time

Bath time can be an overwhelming experience for both baby and parent but it doesn’t have to be the case.  Naturally, when adults are confident in the bathroom, baby’s mood steadily follows making splashing in the bubbled water something both can look forward to.

Clevamama offers a number of products that will not only make bath time safe but also fun.  Although there is no recipe to guarantee every bath time experience will be smooth sailing, here are some tips that could assist to lighten the mood in and around the bath:

  • Make bath time a routine: choose a particular time every day for bath time, this way there are no surprises and your little one gets used to the routine
  • Sing-along: Sing favourite bath time songs to encourage hand movements
  • Knowledge builder: When washing baby, mention the different body parts that are being washed. This way baby learns about the body while parents get the job of cleaning them done

The following tips will assist in keeping baby safe during fun bath time activities:

  • Baby should never be left alone in the bath unsupervised
  • Making sure windows in the bathroom are closed ensures cool breezes are avoided  and the room is warm
  • Avoid putting baby into the bath when the water is still running as the temperature could change or the water could get too deep
  • Make the bathwater lukewarm and test with a bath thermometer, or simply use your wrist or elbow to make sure it’s not too hot for baby
  • Teach baby not to stand in the tub and not to touch the faucet handles
  • Keep any electrical appliances like heaters, hairdryers and curling irons away from the bath
  • Don’t leave the water in the bath after taking baby out as this could be drowning hazard
  • Close, or get a lock for the bathroom door to avoid baby venturing into it unsupervised

Parents can choose clever bath time safety products from the Clevamama product range:

The Clevamama bath range consists of the ClevaBath Mat and Kneeler which is extra-long to perfectly fit two children on it comfortably. The non-slip surface holds firmly to the bath preventing slips and falls. The free kneeling cushion offers Mom or Dad added comfort at bath time. The mat is available at selected Checkers stores at a recommended retail price of R235.00.

There will be no tears during shampooing when in the bath as the clever design of the ClevaRinse Shampoo Cup helps keep the soap and water out of the eyes. The cup can be found at Baby City, Toys R Us and Baby Boom and selected Checkers stores at a recommended retail price of R90.00

The Clevamama Apron Baby Bath Towel is designed to be fastened around the neck like an apron, allowing two free hands to lift baby safely out of the bath. When baby is in the arms, the towel can be wrapped around baby’s body and can cover the head with the hood to keep in the all-important heat. The towel is available at selected Checkers stores at a recommended retail price of R293.00.

To keep baby occupied during bath time let them play and learn with the Clevamama Bath Toys and Tidy Bag. The coloured foam animals stick to the bath when wet and help children with their counting as each animal has a number on it.

The easy mount suction cups on the tidy bag keep the bath tidy while the toys are not in use. The toys and tidy bag are available at a recommended retail price of R134.00atBaby City, Toys R Us and Baby Boom and selected Checkers stores.

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