To The Parents Of The “Overly Sensitive” Boy

Does your son’s whining wear you down?

If you are raising a little boy who is prone to whining, or is just overly sensitive in general, this post is just for you!

Meet Jimmy, a TYPE 2SM man with a message for parents raising the TYPE 2 “Overly Sensitive” boy. I asked Jimmy to share 5 tips that would help parents raise a TYPE 2 boy true to his nature.

1. Your son needs support to be true to his sensitive nature and not revert to his secondary energy.

Because TYPE 2 energy is a softer, subtler energy, it’s common for TYPE 2 boys to revert to their secondary Energy Type if their true nature is not being honored and supported.

We damage boys by telling them to grow up and “be a man.” Or by saying “big boys don’t cry. Stop being so whiny. Get over it. Toughen up.” These are all negative messages TYPE 2 boys hear that cause them to contradict their true nature.

Teach him to appreciate his nature and live true to it. Help him to see his sensitivity as a strength and all the ways that a man who honors his true nature becomes successful.

2. He needs more time to finish things.

In order for your son to be successful in finishing things, remember this important step: fill him in on the details.

Allow him to sort out the steps in his mind in order to create a plan and invite him to ask any questions he may have. Once this process is complete he will move forward with tasks and pursue accomplishments with confidence.

At first it seems tedious to go through this process, but spending a little more time on the front end only takes a few minutes and the result will be worth it. Your son will learn to create successful outcomes!

3. Taking extra time isn’t his attempt at a power play.

He’s not being stubborn and he’s not trying to be difficult. He has his own pace and the more you try to rush him or push him along, the easier it is for him to dig in his heels. Because everything is connected for him, one thing affects another and each part flows into the next.

Consider the possibility that you’re creating more conflict by rushing your TYPE 2 son. When he’s young, his intention is not to frustrate you, although the more you push and pull at him as he grows, the more he may push back by going slow. 

Try alerting him well in advance about what time you plan to leave. Help him think through what needs to be done in order to be ready on time.

When it’s time for dinner, time to leave, or time to come inside, give him a prolonged countdown. Tell him what you expect and let him plan. Give him the information he needs to plan and prepare and you will give him a far greater chance to succeed in life.

4. He is not boring or shy!

He’s intricate and deeply caring. He is probably one of the most interesting people you’ll meet! However, you will need to let him know how much you care before he shows you how amazing he is.

Supporting your TYPE 2 sons more fluid and easy-going way will help him to trust you and open up to you. 

5. Your son is an intelligent, thoughtful, and curious person.

He will be very successful because he allows that thoughtful curiosity to lead him to new things.

Encourage his thoughtfulness and his curiosity. Welcome his questions and help him learn how to find the answers for himself. This will point his tendency to ask a lot of questions to an outlet for finding the answers himself eventually.

Some of the most successful men in the world have been TYPE 2 men.

These men have made a huge impact on our daily lives!

Albert Einstein changed the way we understand the science of our world by asking questions.

Mark Zuckerberg helps us all stay connected no matter where we live in the world.

Martin Luther King, Jr. helped us open our hearts to more love and understanding no matter our race or culture.

Article Compliments of the Child Whisperer.

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