Top Prima Toys Games this Christmas

Some of our favourite Christmas gift ideas for kids are Prima Toys games. There have been such a wonderful selection of games released by the brand during the course of this year. We share a few of our favourites!

Our Top Prima Toys Games this Christmas

Top Prima Toys Games – Boom Blast Stix
Prima Toys Games boom blast stix

Boom Blast Stix is an awesomely unique stacking game. It comes with 32 sensitive, interlocking spring stix in a sturdy conainer. As with all stacking games, you build stacks of the pieces, along with building suspense. What sets this stacking game apart is that the traingular stix lock together and can go “boom” at the slightest bump or careless move.  Players test their mental and physical skills and their nerves!

We love that this is a simple game to play that can be fun for all genders and ages. Encouraging kids to play together and work on their fine motor skills, this is a firm favourite!

Top Prima Toys Games – Who’s There

Who’s There is the perfect game to help your little one work on their deductive reasoning skills.  You’ll find 2 plastic game boards, 48 face cards, 48 mystery cards in your box. Follow easy instructions to set up the boards with the face cards and then the fun begins!

Prima Toys Games Whos there

Each player drawns one of the mystery cards, and then takes a turn asking questions to narrow down the face cards until they can guess their opponenets mystery card. Questions can include, “Is your mystery person a girl?”, “Is your mystery person wearing a hat?” or “Is your mystery person wearing glasses?” As they receive the answers, they put down the Face Cards that do not match the answers… At last ony one card will remain and that will be the opponents mystery card.

This is one of my 4 year old daughter’s favourite games of all times. Small note from one mom to another – find a safe place to keep the mystery cards or you will need to rebuy the game every few months!

Top Prima Toys Games – Sofia The First My Nail Studio
Prima Toys Games nail

The Sofia The First My Nail Studio is such a lovely idea. If the little girl in your life is anything like mine, she will adore this game! It encourages creativity and imagination, and fine motor skills development while cutting and pasting and sticking. It’s also great for colour and shape recognition.

Top Prima Toys Games – Surprise Slides

Prima Toys offers a range of different character Surprise Slides games! Similar idea to Snakes and Ladders, except there are slides that either move you forward or backwards. And the surprise comes in as there are large slide tiles that can be turned over, sending the slides in different directions.

Prima Toys Games Surprise Slides

Choose the game with your child’s favourite characters, from Peppa Pig, Frozen, Lion Guard, to name a few. A great game for the littler kiddies, helong to hone their counting and turn taking skills.

Top Prima Toys Games – Playing Cards

Playing cards are the gift that keep on giving. There are endless games to teach to and play with kids of all ages. From the basics of Snap, to Go Fish and for the older kids, Patience or Rummy, there is something for everybody. Regular playing cards may not engage younger kids, but luckily Prima Toys has some gorgeous themed cards… Including Jumbo cards with a wide variety of familiar characters.

Prima Toys Games Disney princesses

While these are some of our very favourite Prima Toys games, there are dozens more to choose from. Prima Toys are stocked by most of the major toy retailers both online and in store.

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  1. My favourite #PrimaToysGames is the Boom Blast Stix.. My little boy would love this! 😍

  2. Love the Peppa Pig Surprise Slides.My daughter and niece will love playing these over the december holidays when she is here from JHB. Shared on facebook (Tasneem Katsen),Twitter (TasTKatsen) and enteres on instagram (TKatsen) #PrimaToysGames

  3. Boom Blast Stix looks like loads of fun! The anticipation of waiting for it to go Boom!!

    We’d enjoy Who’s There too. My 6 year old can’t yet play Cluedo so this would be great for him.

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