Our top toy picks from Mattel 2018 for Christmas

Mattel is one of the top toy manufacturers in the world and brings some of the most iconic toys into SA. We’ve been lucky enough to receive and review a few Mattel 2018 releases this year. We have chosen our favourites to share with you just in time for the holidays!

Our Mattel 2018 Christmas List

Mattel 2018 Barbie Color Surprise Doll

Our favourite of the Mattel 2018 new releases has got to be the Barbie Colour Surprise Doll! There are 2 Colour Surprise dolls, both are stunningly beautiful with long pastel hair. Each doll comes with five hair accessories that include two hair ties, two hair clips and a brush.

mattel 2018 both Barbie Color Surprise Doll featured

What makes the Barbie Colour Surprise dolls so special is their magical hair! Fill the little spray bottle with icy cold water and spray the hair and watch it brighten and darken. The dolls come with four hair stencils and a stencil tool to create designs on the hair! You clip the hair and lightly spritz the ice water over it. The stencil shape areas go brighter, leaving a distinct pattern on the hair.

Barbie Color Surprise Doll featured

We didn’t follow the instructions properly the first time and although the hair darkened, we couldn’t get the patterns to work. You need to make sure the water is properly icy cold and that you spray the area lightly. Too much water saturates the hair, as you can see above. And the colour isn’t just bright because the hair is wet. To return it to its pastel shades, you need to spray it with warm water.

It is such a lovely Barbie and Charly loves that she can control not only what she is wearing, but the colour and patterns of her hair.

Mattel 2018 Enchantimals

Earlier this year, Mattel South Africa launched an incredible new range of dolls called the Enchantimals. These are some of the most adorable toys we’ve ever seen! Each little doll comes with her little matching pet, celebrating the friendship between children and animals. You can buy the character pairs alone or in gorgeous playsets.

Mattel 2018 Shimmer & Shine
shimmer and shine Featured

The Shimmer and Shine toy range is awesome and perfect for your little ones to stretch their imagination in play. Shimmer and Shine are popular TV series focusing on friendship, teamwork, magic and learning from your mistakes. From 15cm character dolls to play sets, puzzles, books or plush toys; there is something for every little person!

Mattel 2018 Hot Wheels Track Builder Epic Challenge Race Crate

Hot Wheels are ALWAYS a great gift idea! The Hot Wheels Track Builder Epic Challenge Race Crate contains everything your car-loving kid might need. Inspire creativity, building, imaginative play, and problem solving with epic Hot Wheels action.  The crate includes 3 super-cool stunts – the Gravity Drop, Mega Jump and Drag Race – in one set.

Parents can help young racers to assemble and re-configure the stunts. The crate is easily broken down, packed up, and transported. The Hot Wheels Track Builder Epic Challenge Race Crate also includes 2 new Hot Wheels cars for your child’s collection!

Mattel 2018 Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Twisting Tornado Set (November release)

Thomas & Friends fans will be blown away by the motorised Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Twisting Tornado Set!

The set leads Thomas on a wild, whirling adventure along the path of a tornado. Watch Thomas take the ride of his life around the rails, towards the shed, and along a path of destruction! The set comes complete with collapsing shed and damaged power-lines and the tension finally eases when Thomas returns safely to the tracks.

There are some amazing Thomas & Friends toys on the shelves in time for Christmas this year thanks to the Big World! Big Adventures! movie. From brightly coloured backpacks to DVD sets or, personal favourite of my daughter, mini diecast character blind bags!


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Mattel 2018 Mega Bloks

Mega Bloks are a brightly coloured staple for any child. The benefits of playing with blocks are endless and keep little people busy for hours! From encouraging embracing imaginative play, to strengthening fine motor skills…

mattel 2018 mega bloks

Whether you choose a special Mega Bloks set or one of the starter sets, Mega Bloks are always a great investment gift for little hands and little minds.

thomas mega bloks
Which do you think you child would most want to find beneath the Christmas tree this year?

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