Top Winter Savings tips

Have you ever considered the additional value of Winter Savings? From staying out of the cold that little bit longer to getting to sneak in some “me-time” while keeping your kids in healthy homecooked meals… Here are our some of our Top Winter Savings tips from Latest Specials!

The idea of Winter Savings is to take advantage of planning to the n’th degree.

Winter Savings Tip 1

Know what to buy before you make the actual trip! This first step saves you money and time. Make a detailed list of what you need before you leave the house. Its vital to plan your purchases before you grab your purse and hop in your car!

Winter savings tips insert 2
Winter Savings Tip 2

Know WHERE you’re going before you leave home! Not only can you search for the best specials, you don’t venture out in the cold for longer than you have to.

For example, we all know that Baby City covers all things babies and toddlers. Stocking up on blankets, warm clothes and other equipment that helps you keep them warm (and well-fed) is easily done at one place. And you can check what specials are on in the Baby City catalogue.

Winter Savings Tip 3

There’s nothing worse than going out to the shop only to find that they do not have stock of the item that you want. A quick phone call to the store that you’d like to purchase from, will help you confirm if your items are available.

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Winter Savings Tip 4

The cold means appetites increase and cravings for hearty food grow stronger. But let’s face it… Although hearty meals are welcomed, who really wants to stand by the stove… Every… Single… Day… Cooking up meals that take a few hours to do right? While having fresh veggies to add soups and stews is just the thing to keep the winter blues away… When do YOU get to snuggle under the blankets binge watching your favourite series or movies?

Then now is the perfect time to buy your produce in bulk and freeze them! Planning meals and cooking them in advance means making sure you have the right storage on hand! Tupperware Specials are ideal to get the right containers that help you get your home-cooked meals packed conveniently. These specials are not limited to South Africa only, if you’re in Mauritius, Botswana or Mozambique; you’ll be able to save a good deal too.

Winter savings tips insert

People often say that children are expensive, but they don’t have to be if you use your money wisely. Planning saves you a lot of time, considerable sums of money and stress.

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