Tracey Grammer-Porter – The Milk Memoirs

Tracey is a very proud mommy to Morgan-Lee (5 years old) and Parker-Grace (2 years old). Tracey writes over at The Milk Memoirs, when she isn’t working full time in the ICT industry.

Tracey on The Milk Memoirs

The Milk Memoirs is a parenting and lifestyle blog. I created it to serve as a raw and real-life resource for the many different aspects of parenthood. From breastfeeding to arts and crafts and the realness and humour of motherhood. I see the wonder in all things that this parent life has to offer – both the rough and the lovely. I try to capture that magic as best I can in my blog. It will be a looking glass for my kids into what life was like for us when they were small.

Tracey & the girls

Tracey on #CarseatFullstop

When you become a parent, suddenly all children’s safety become a concern purely by extension of your parental heartstrings. I want to be a part of this campaign to help be a voice that will trigger true introspection about our society’s current disconnect between the severe lack of carseat safety and the risks that are involved.

A voice that would appeal both to the intellect and heart of every parent out there to create this shift in mind set. A mind set that is not only about legal compliance and safety regulations, but about becoming proactively safety-aware. A mind set that actively seeks out safer options for their children no matter what.

Furthermore, in spreading this consciousness, hopefully  we can create a better ecosystem of car seat safety within our society. For example, a place where one can go check to ensure your car seat is fitted properly or installed, just as you would with your tyres.

These are all things that are currently lacking in our society. So if we want people to make the change, we need to provide adequate support services to make it sustainable change. This campaign has the potential to accomplish all of that, if we work together.

Read & Share – Our precious cargo

You have the power to save a little life. One share, seen by one person, who straps in one child, saves a life. #CarseatFullstop


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