Transform mediocre microwave meals into culinary delights

Balancing the responsibilities of work, family and life, in general, is time-consuming. In fact, it can be downright tedious. For most of us, this often results in a ‘quick fix’ at lunchtime or a less than exciting meal at the end of the day.

When you think of the concept of a microwave meal, the words ‘Sunday lunch’ or ‘gourmet cuisine’ are not the first to come to mind. This was until the LG NeoChef microwave came along. With so many appealing features that sets it apart from other microwaves, this innovative appliance allows you to make everything from homemade biltong to succulent roast chicken, with ease.

Unlock your inner Foodie

With dozens of cooking shows on TV and endless recipes on Pinterest, it’s tempting to try something new in the kitchen. The good news is that now you can enjoy the convenience of roasting, baking and cooking almost anything using one device. South African foodies have put the NeoChef to the test creating delicious dishes like traditional bobotie, basil pesto and tomato & onion bruschetta.

With the Healthy Fry feature, the LG NeoChef preserves the distinct taste of foods like spring rolls or samosas while making them healthier, with less oil and 72 percent less fat. And if you’re keen to impress your in-laws with a delicious Sunday lunch, you can use the pre-programmed roast setting, Inverter Cook. Simply select the programme, food type and weight, and your LG NeoChef will do the rest.

Tap into precision, even with leftovers

Let’s admit it, some meals, like curry or stew, just taste better the next day. Yet there’s nothing worse than reheating food in the microwave only to burn yourself on the dish and then eat a mouthful of cold food. LG’s Smart Inverter technology provides precise cooking power to defrost and reheat a wide range of foods faster than ever.


Now you can heat every dish to perfection using Even Heating technology. It provides delicate temperature controls for a more satisfying, tastier dining experience. You can also use this function to soften and melt cheese, butter, ice-cream and chocolate.

Even Defrosting means that meat can be evenly defrosted more thoroughly than before. In addition, LG’s advanced microwave can be used to make healthy, lactobacilli-infused yoghurt.

No mess, no fuss with 99.99% Anti-Bacterial EasyClean™

There’s one special cherry on the top when it comes to the LG NeoChef microwave. You can look forward to easy cleaning when your cooking is done! The Anti-Bacterial EasyClean™ interior coating makes cleaning simple and convenient. Just a few wipes are all it takes to clean the microwave interior. The coating eliminates 99.99% of harmful bacteria from adhering to the surface.

It is safe to say that microwave cooking has just levelled up.

Other ways that LG appliances can make life easier.

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