Turn your tyre waste into worth this New Year

If the junk in your yard is piling up, use this New Year to turn your waste into something worthwhile. One of the biggest recycling frustrations is old and unused tyres. Disposing of tyres – regardless of the method – may result in a host of health and safety risks.

Stay on the safe side this holiday season and give your old tyres new life!  With these five easy repurposing projects from REDISA, the whole family can get involved.
#1 – Tyre Table

With a simple glass top, you could create a great tyre table. Simply adding and removing tyres can adjust the height, and the durable materials ensures a long lasting creation.Tyre Table

#2 – Tyre Plant Holder

A fresh coat of paint can transform your tyres and turn them into the perfect plant holder. You could choose to stack your plant holders on your patio, or embed them in your garden. If you’d like to add some flare, you could even hang your new plant holder along your garden wall. Tyre and plants
Remember to refrain from planting edible plants in tyres, since leaching of harmful chemical may occur.

#3 – Tyre Pet Bed

Your furry friends will love this. By simply adding a cushioned base and soft inner lining, your pets can snuggle up in their tyre bed.Tyre Dog Bed

(Source: https://za.pinterest.com/pin/351491945898483756/)

#4 – Traditional Tyre Swing

Get the kids outdoors this summer with a new tyre swing. A strong rope or chain can be attached to the tyre and hung from any sturdy tree in your garden. If you have more than one tyre, you could create a swing set and arrange them throughout your yard.Tyre Swing

 #5 – Tyre stool

Why stop with a tyre table? You could also use your old tyres to create great outdoor stools. Stack the tyres according to your desired height, add a soft cushion, sit back and enjoy.Tyre Stool

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