Urgent call for support: Heartlands Baby Sanctuary

In light of the current state of affairs across the world, Heartlands Baby Sanctuary are making an urgent appeal to the public.

Some businesses cannot close down, and Heartlands is just one of those. With the market in turmoil and the forced shut-down, corporates are holding back on any support. Additionally, their international volunteers have all been called home. As a result, their sustainability projects are already taking massive strain.

You might remember that we highlighted Heartland’s 5th Birthday celebrations earlier this year. We shared their packed list of fundraising events due to run throughout 2020. Obviously many of these have been put on hold.

We would therefore like to specifically promote their Club 5 campaign. The appeal is for members of the public to donate a mere R100 per month on a debit order. If Heartlands can reach critical mass, they can keep their doors open. Otherwise the very near future is looking very bleak. They need hard cash – not only for salaries, but for medication, toiletries, nappies and food. The list goes on.

As it is they have had to turn children away. If forced to close their doors, the knock on effect would be tragic to say the least.

Please note: the full value of every donation is 100% tax-deductible given the Sanctuary’s Section 18A status.

Find out more

If you would like more information on the Exclusive Club 5 campaign, event sponsorships or corporate and individual giving, please contact Nikki Bower on nikki@heartlandsbaby.org

For further involvement, please visit www.heartlandsbaby.org.

Heartlands over the last 5 years


“It has been a very interesting journey since inception. We started out with an empty shell of a building, and now, through the generosity of the community at large, we have a fantastic, child-centric facility. We are now able to proudly live our mission in that we provide a safe, loving and homely environment to young children in desperate need of care and protection, in order to create a foundation to develop a happy, healthy and confident child.” – Heartlands CEO, Monica Buitendag.

According to Buitendag, Heartlands has cared for over 262 children and babies, who have all needed a temporary, residential safe care facility. These children are placed out as soon as possible. As their vision says, it’s every child’s birthright to belong. These are abandoned, abused, neglected, ill and special needs little souls aged between birth and 6 years who have required specialized care and support. At any given point, there are 25 children and babies in Heartland’s care.


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