Valentine’s Day at school

Welcome to Schooled with Laura! I am Laura, mom of 4 kids between the ages of 2 and 13. I am by no means an expert at parenting or schools or anything like that; but I have been in the trenches for 13 years and have dealt with the hugest variety of situations, challenges, decisions and celebrations. Every month I will be sharing lessons, advice, tips and tricks on everything we have encountered in our schooling journey from play school to high school! We are kicking off to theme this February, with Valentine’s Day at school – yes, that is usually a thing!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and while schools don’t focus on romantic love, there is often some sort of celebration of  special people and showing love and appreciation to others. You may be asked to bring a red food item or to bake something for the Valentine’s Day at school bake sale. It can be a little daunting, especially if you are new to the whole notion of school events, but it really can be so much fun and doesn’t have to take time or cost a fortune.

Parenting life tip: Always keep hundreds and thousands, icing sugar and a packet of ready to mix cupcakes in your cupboard!

When in doubt, I search the internet and always find amazing ideas from amazingly talented people.

These covered marshmallows are so quick and flop proof to make. You can use melted chocolate or icing sugar and you can use anything as sprinkles, even jelly powder will work if you are looking for something red.

Valentines day at school 1

These Valentine’s Day biscuits work on the same principle as the marshmallows but are a nice idea if you are Bakerman or if you don’t have marshmallows. These are also a little easier to make so your kids can help do them.

Valentine's Day at school 2

Cupcakes are always a win. Kids love them and the ready-made mixes are pretty much flop proof! Sprinkle some heart sprinkles on and you are good to go.

Valentine's Day at school 3

A few ideas if you need to take something red for Valentine’s Day at school

  • Apples, strawberries, baby tomatoes, red pepper
  • Red lollipops (you get those flat ones in the strips), red velvet cake, red jelly
  • Check your garden for a red flower, red toy car, item of clothing, a red book, necklace

A nice touch for Valentine’s Day at school is to take something small for the teacher, to show that you and your child appreciate her.

I absolutely love this little quote and you can really do anything with this label. Use a jar you have at home and full up with some cookies, or jelly beans or marshmallows or whatever you think the teacher may like. You could wrap up a small gift and use this as part of the wrapping.

Valentines-Day-at school 4

These chocolate wrappers scream quick and easy. Grab a slab of chocolate on your way home, print the wrapper from the site on the image and you are good to go. Again you could use the label for any gift.

Valentines Day at school 5

If you know the teacher enjoys baking then this is a great idea. These little cookie cutters aren’t that expensive, add some different colour sprinkles, tie with some pretty ribbon and you will have one happy teacher.

Valentines Day at school 6

For the beauty conscious teacher this little bottle of nail polish with a cute little tag is perfect. Let your child chose the colour and you could even add a pretty nail file.

Valentines Day at school 7

This idea is more practical, but also shows your appreciation. A nice idea is to use your child’s hand to draw around and get them to write their name on it or draw a picture to personalise it a little bit.

Valentines-Day-at school 8

Celebrating Valentine’s Day at school can be so much fun for everyone and is a nice way to show your child’s teachers and their teacher helpers some love and appreciation.

Do you have any simple Valentine’s treats that have worked a treat for you?


If you have any questions or concerns about your little one’s at school or there is something you would like Laura to share or write about, send us a mail to with the subject Schooled with Laura.

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Laura-kim le Roux

Laura is a work from home mom to four kids and wife to the world’s most patient man! Her oldest is 13 years old and her youngest is 2. So while she doesn’t really know all there is to know about parenting, she has spent a lot of time in the trenches and has a lot of hands on experience. By morning she manages a team of Weigh-Less group leaders. By afternoon her super power is logistics and she gets the teen to swimming, the tween to dancing and keeps the toddlers entertained. By night she writes for her blog Harassed Mom and various clients.

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