Virtual Santa Shoebox makes it easy to support the cause

For donors with busy schedules or those who live far from Drop Off points, the Santa Shoebox Project (SSB) – South Africa’s most-loved children’s charity – launches its Virtual Santa Shoebox on the 01 September.

The Virtual Santa Shoebox supports SSB’s three-year goal to March to a Million, with an Santa Shoeboxaim of reaching one million children by 2019. To reach this mark, the goal for each year has increased to 110 000 Shoeboxes this year, 115 000 in 2018 and 125 000 in 2019.

Irené Pieters, SSB Founder and CEO says the Virtual Santa Shoebox has been established with convenience in mind. The method is simple. Donors should visit the SSB website to pledge for a child selected by name, age and gender. They are then able to choose the eight items to fill the box and to write a personal message which SSB will print onto a gift card for the child.

“We launched this option to accommodate those donors with hectic schedules, or those who live overseas or locally, far from a Drop Off point, but would still love to contribute to making a difference in the lives of underprivileged children,” Pieters says.

Once the items have been selected on-line, the SSB team will pack them into decorated boxes and deliver them to children around the country. There’s also an option for a generic Virtual Santa Shoebox, which includes all the necessary contents and is available at a click of the mouse. A Virtual Santa Shoebox costs R400.


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